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Angel & Faith # 23 Issue Discussion Thread(Full Spoilers)

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  • Angel & Faith # 23 Issue Discussion Thread(Full Spoilers)

    The issue is out tomorrow.

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    Not much to say again. Nadira and the magic wanting to be a Real Boy is a bit interesting, but if I am taking bets, I'm sticking with Blue Thunder.

    So Brandt was a vampire the whole time by the sounds of it. He sort of had a bond with Faith but its not mentioned here. Also did Brandt go for the punk look and paint his fingernails? Kinda a giveaway dude. I thought the art of those pages was particularly nice.

    I do have a slight wonder if either of the Aunts could actually be a vamp now the way they went on about Archaeus possibly turning many other people, but I'd be very surprised if it went there.

    From her reaction in the scene, Drusilla might do a heel-turn and abandon Archaeus to his doom at the end and run away yet again. It's getting comical how often she does that now.
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      Yeah, not a lot happened in this one. There was some suspense for me with Angel & the vamp cops, but that was easily handled.

      Mostly... ILLYRIA! Koh says "Much Worse," but I say YAY FINALLY!!!!


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        Finally got Angel & Faith # 23,Part III of "A Tale Of Two Families."

        I don't really have a lot to say.I enjoyed the issue.I liked the various character moments between Angel and Faith after taking out Brandt.As well as the scenes with Fred,Nadira and Koh.


        Angel & Faith: Season 10 #23

        by Greg McElhatton, Reviewer

        As a whole, "Angel & Faith: Season 10" has traveled down an interesting road. Victor Gischler and Will Conrad inherited the setup from the previous "season," which had the two characters heading their separate ways, and -- though they took their time in reuniting the duo -- it's a plan that's paid off well. "Angel & Faith: Season 10" #23 continues the final storyline by pulling together multiple plot points from the past two years, giving readers something to get excited about.

        Part of what makes "Angel & Faith: Season 10" #23 work so well is seeing our protagonists be proactive. Their confrontation with Brandt could have easily been set up as a huge surprise, but – instead -- our heroes come across as in control of the situation and able to use it to their advantage. That's really important, since it makes them come across as heroes who have genuine victories. With Archaeus' own plans coming together, there needs to be some sort of balance to keep "Angel & Faith Season 10" from feeling like an elegy of miseries.

        The two characters also continue to have a strong chemistry together; it's something that worked wonderfully on the "Angel" television series and was brought to the page earlier by Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs. Gischler and Conrad also make that friendship and mutual understanding of one another feel real. The additions of characters like Fred, Nadira and Koh all work out well, even as each have their own part to play in advancing the plot as the forces of Magic Town finally take over the statue. I appreciate that it isn't something as simple as the colossus suddenly going on a rampage, and that instead there's a tentative, questioning approach. While there's an inevitable misunderstanding, Gischler keeps it from escalating in a cringe-worthy manner. Instead, it feels like the misunderstandings are dealt with in an adult way, and that -- while the end of the issue is almost inevitable -- it was despite the best efforts of all involved, not because of any boneheaded decisions.

        Conrad's art continues to capture the likenesses of the actors from the television show and feels energetic and dynamic rather than posed or stiff. The terror in Fred's eyes is palpable when she's attacked by the colossus, and I love how you can tell the transformation from Fred to Illyria has occurred simply by how Conrad draws her eye in the inset panel. As for the statue itself, I appreciate that it feels really strong and imposing. The moment where it almost stomps on one of the denizens of Magic Town works in no small part because of how Conrad draws the scene; the perspective of the intended victim looking up at the foot coming down gives readers a real sense of the colossus' looming presence. This is a fine looking comic.

        While I worry about the series' conclusion, if only because Archaeus is also the main villain of "Buffy the Vampire: Slayer Season 10," the comic has been on track enough that I'm hopeful the series will end on a strong note, regardless of what still has to happen in the parent title. If Gischler and Conrad team up for more comics down the line (either "Angel & Faith: Season 11" or something entirely different), I'll certainly pick up a copy. They've done a nice job with this series, and I'm genuinely eager to see how they wrap things up. Good job.
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          Can you guys tell me what Illyria did in this issue, if anything?


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            Nadira tries to reason with the magic, now in the metal statue. When it grabs her arm Fred tries to help and it then grabs Fred around the neck and this triggers her to turn into Illyria, breaking his hold. It then ends on Koh telling the Aunts that this is 'much worse'.

            I didn't take it that Brandt was supposed to have been a vamp all along DanSlayer. I may have missed something but I think it was a recent change that Archaeus had made to feed Angel the info to send him into the trap.

            I thought the issue was OK. I found Archaeus/Dru a bit awkward and it did seem to be implying Dru might be feeling somewhat lost/disenchanted with her 'Lord'. Although the reveal that Brandt had been vamped was one of the very few surprises to come out this season, across both titles, it felt when he was dusted here that he was a somewhat wasted character to me. The team reaffirming itself and drawing firm boundaries against outside help just seems a little cliché. I liked the light involvement of Brandt, it felt like Kate's presence in AtS again and having that connection outside of their own group I thought was a positive thing. I don't know, just a little disappointed on this.

            So we are set up for the battle between Illyria and the magic town magic in the statue. Archaeus is wanting to come and welcome him so no doubt it will be a big battle ahead with everyone gathering and, yes, Dru will certainly run away *yet again* so that she can turn up in SF. I was really amused that the art on Illyria's outfit was a bit different because it looks like the statue disturbed her beauty sleep and caught her in a slouchy onesie.
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              The way Angel spoke about Brandt always being so helpful and concerned with Magic Town makes me think this was a long con. Also the lack of hurt by Faith seems to support the idea she knows he was never a real friend to her. Brandt sent Faith & Fred to the Prep School, he probably didn't know what Fred had inside her and expected the sheer numbers to kill Angel's closest friends. It messed up Drusilla's plan for Mary but it should have been a simple matter for her to sire one specific girl.


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                I take your point about Angel's reference to Brandt as helpful and caring so much about the troubles, it does sound like they are thinking he's been vamped for a while (and he was always a slightly suspiciously motivated character), but why wouldn't Angel have realised he had no heartbeat? And there really was no need to send Faith and Fred to the prep school, that is just setting up an unnecessary hurdle. It's a little murky at best.


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                  Perhaps new vamps can cover up that tell as part of their new powers. Or Angel got lazy and didn't consider a vampire would try and be subtle. The vast majority seem to be following Harmony, so they probably don't have much long-term planning ability. Archaeus and his crew are the only ones who seem interested in fighting humans anymore. Brandt approached him before Archaeus was even on the radar so Angel had no reason to suspect it until now I guess.

                  True the Prep School arc was good for building a Faith/Fred bond but other then that, filler created only because Angel had to be away for 3 issues.


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                    Is Illyria going to fight Angel, or help them defeat the magic town guy?


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                      It was implied that she'll fight the magic town statue just for laying hands on her.