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Angel & Faith # 20 Issue Discussion Thread(Full Spoilers)

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  • Angel & Faith # 20 Issue Discussion Thread(Full Spoilers)

    Angel & Faith # 20 already advailable a week early with a longer preview page.So I'll open the thread now.
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    Will Conrad has released a panel -


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      He does a very decent Dru likeness, and I imagine it must be very difficult to capture her face.


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        Finally have Angel & Faith # 20,Part II of "Little More Than Kin."

        I thought this was a pretty good issue.Loved the art work and it seems like things are starting to pull together.Love the moment where Nadira showed that she never stopped being a Slayer.


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          Not a bad issue. Things are finally moving forward. I lol'd at Koh punching off heads. The longer Drusilla lives to die another day, the more ridiculous a villain she becomes. I'm kinda hoping she dies soon. Nadira was the clear star of this issue and it was good to see her kick ass. Now I kinda expect her to rescue herself. I think she has some more aces up her sleeve. It was also nice to see a little sign of Angel and Faith being partners.


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            I quite liked the art in this one. It does look like things are finally going somewhere. And I have to say one thing I like about the A&F side is the characters are actually dangerous. Remember when Buffy used to be able to take out 5-6 vamps in an alley? When Spike used to be able to punch a hole in a demon's chest? Everything is magic, magic, magic. It's refreshing to see physically capable characters.

            Whatever happened to Pearl? /random


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              Was Illyria present in this issue?


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                Originally posted by illyriafan View Post
                Was Illyria present in this issue?
                No. Just Fred.


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                  Given Faith's: "Drusilla is capable of anything." And that they gave her the bulk of the Angel-less arc I can see a bit of a storm brewing there which would fit with what happened in Daddy Issues. Though Drusilla's escaping has almost become comical at this point. I'd be very surprised if they dusted her. If Magic Town becomes physical somehow then it could be a problem since it doesn't like Illyria.

                  Other then that, Magic Town started off with some intrigue but I feel it's been too slowly paced to get invested in. The Ghost Anya thing did this much better. I can get a sense of real emotional stakes and since we don't know who is controlling her yet it has my attention. Archaeus is more of a stock villain which some in the Buffyverse are, but he loses threatening potential since we just saw him lose in the other book.

                  Amy, Corky and Warren's endings don't bother me though Pearl left dangling does. Brandt is okay, the Aunts were great and while Faith had some exploration in the first two arcs she gets sidelined by Angel somewhat as happened in the last title too. Fred/Illyria is important but it's fallen into a holding pattern and loses a lot of intrigue since most of the characters that knew her aren't there and they apparently forgot how close she was to Spike. Zane could be a multi-season thing like Kennedy or Theo's operations but to have her offer Faith a job and not be brought up again until (presumably) the ending is bad pacing.

                  Many of the pacing problems come down to lack of a goal which the Buffy book suffered from last season. The first A & F had Giles as it's point, the Buffy book pointlessly played up the Dawn thing like it could be a surprise. This year Buffy has The Book as it's inciting object while the A & F book has to wait around for a leftover demon from the other book to show up. That obviously slowed things down which also turned off some readers I assume.