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Angel & Faith # 6 Issue Discussion Thread(Spoilers)

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  • Angel & Faith # 6 Issue Discussion Thread(Spoilers)

    The issue is out tomorrow and the first advanced review of Angel & Faith # 6 is out.!bOGjKZ

    Angel & Faith Season 10 #6 Review

    By John McCubbin on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

    How will Faith’s new found interest in Deepscan go, and how will Angel react when an old face turns up? Read on to find out.

    The official description from Dark Horse:

    Faith’s next mission for Deepscan is one she can’t resist—tracking the missing Riley Finn in South America. The girl has got some residual guilt over that military demon hunter . . . Meanwhile, in London’s Magic Town, Angel is confronted by yet another old frenemy.

    Angel & Faith Season 10 has been a fabulous addition to Dark Horses’ Whedonverse series, with it at times being even better that Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10. Jumping into a brand new story titled Lost and Found, the series sees Faith get more involved with Deepscan, as she helps them in their quest to find Riley Finn. Meanwhile Magic Town’s protector Angel sees a face from the past, as Amy Madison asks for his help.

    Victor Gischler has been doing an awesome job of this series over the six issues that have been released so far, as though like most series some issues have been better than others, it’s always been entertaining. Getting this latest story off to a great start, Gischler allows enjoyment for both new, and old fans, following on from the last story, whilst making it new reader friendly. Despite being exciting the issue does suffer from the common problems that new arc first issues have, with the set-up sometimes overpowering the general atmosphere.

    I may sound like a broken record when it comes to Will Conrad‘s art, but nevertheless it yet again impresses. Being some of the best work throughout his career, Conrad give us a very detailed and dynamic feel to this series, bringing the energy that a Whedon related series needs. He also as ever captures the character likeness from their actors perfectly, and along with the wonderful scenery it really helps to give definition to his art. We also get wonderful colours from Michelle Madsen, with her vivid palette livening up Conrad’s art even more.

    Angel & Faith Season 10 roles into a new story arc, giving us yet more tantalising developments. Highly recommended.

    + Will Conrad never fails to impress with his art.
    + Faith gets right into the Deepscan spirit.
    + Victor Gischler sets up an intriguing tale.
    - Like many arc openers the set-up takes away from the atmosphere.

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    I enjoyed the issue. I thought it was a step forward from #5 which I didn't enjoy quite so much. I'm engaging more with the Faith side of the story still - The only problem I had with it was that it was really predictable that Faith would end up in charge of the mission.The art was enjoyable, as usual, so all in all, a good read. I'm not mad keen on Amy's re-introduction, but I will see where it all goes !


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      The issue was OK, it placed both characters well for new stories to unfold. It was mostly set up but it was written well enough and I am finding the general plots are interesting.

      The panel of Amy saying she needs Angel’s help seemed to draw attention to the pendant on her necklace which looks like a) it might be made of glass which seems significant when a special glass has had to be made for containing the magic goop and it could even be a phial of some sort (although if it is a phial it wasn’t visibly containing anything), or b) it could be a crystal, which could still be magic relevant. Interestingly she wasn’t wearing it when she turned up at the bar.

      I’m finding Brandt a little odd at the moment. He seems to know too much to not know a bit more, if you know what I mean! It could just be because Angel is being standoffish with him that his appearances seem a little awkward too of course. I note Angel made his way back to a bar again too. Anyway, I still don’t trust Brandt or Nadira, either could have a different agenda. Amy being upfront about what she is after from Angel just makes me assume that it is misdirection or a side issue for her too. Basically I’m trusting no one!!

      I find Warren in a jar weird on two fronts. Firstly, is that all of him and does it need to be? Both thoughts which are just yuk. Also, I find the fact that he is in a jar with a printed on label bizarre. How many more of those jars does she have that she needed the label and took the time to do it ‘properly’??!

      I will be interested to see how they play it with Faith/Riley because of the history there. I hope they don’t just downplay it as ‘something bad’ when it is between the two of them eventually. I appreciate why it was labelled like that when Faith was trying to just give a flavour of their background but obviously it was far more serious than that conveys. Also, I thought it was a bit harsh on Faith to have her reputation seemingly solely based on the London slayers’ and her brief time at Deepscan, but it is all working with her thinking of how she interacts with others I suppose.

      Why wouldn’t Faith/Kennedy have briefed the other slayers on the new vamps? It just seemed highly, highly unlikely that they would still be surprised by the vamps in daylight thing. The ambush in the jungle was odd in that it happened pretty instantly so they were either tipped off or they were keeping watch on the area. Also, the art was odd for when Faith said to take off their heads because they were vamps. It appeared to translate to dealing with them like they were zombies and shooting the brain.

      I distrust Ms Zane, just to add her to my list. Her briefing was more concerned with the effect all this could have on the company going public. She was pretty unfazed by the attack too and also because why would you go into a situation two military groups have gone missing in as a civilian?

      I thought the art was weaker this issue than it has been before. There were a few odd limb angles dotted here and there. The green monster in the bar had me checking back to the first few pages just to be sure it was BigGreen2 as opposed to the one that attacked Angel at the beginning. I also thought Amy was very inconsistent in the first group of pages and seemed to change her look at each point. Angel also didn’t look like him when the green monster grabbed him by the hair just before Amy stepped in. At first I thought the monster had attacked the initial guy again. And then of course there were the brain shots to kill vamps. Although I’m not sure what effect that would have on a vamp, but I don’t feel like it would finish them off so much as incapacitate them. All this stood out to me because it was the first time I think that I’ve had issues with Will Conrad’s work on A&F.

      An aside, I don’t know if the letter pages are reflecting the expanding lack of interest in the verse titles or if they are just trying to use it as a way to stir up more interest in other books but it always seems to be majority ‘other’ titles being printed about there this season.


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        I have Angel & Faith # 6,Part I of "Lost And Found."

        Going to keep this short,This was a nice start to this new arc.I'm very interested why Amy wants Warren back.They didn't seem the most loving of couples.Also will Angel help and why would she think Angel would seriously do it.Maybe she will try to guilt him into it for playing her(and Warren) as Twilight?Whatever Amy is up to probably isn't good though.

        Curious about Brandt.

        On the Faith side of things,I'm really curious about how Faith and Riley will interact when the come face to face.Hope Sam is still alive.

        Not much else to say.Good issue.


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          A&F 10.06 bullet points and analysis

          Angel’s story:

          * Unless Cursed Angel uses superspeed against Amy and somehow kills or at least incapacitates her before she can do magic against him, Amy would easily defeat him.

          - Cursed Angel just saw Amy easily defeat a demon or Magical Person who was easily beating Cursed Angel. Cursed Angel seemed to think that Amy would take “No.” for an answer from him.

          Faith’s story:

          * I consider Kennedy assigned Faith as the Unit Leader’s second in command partly to try to entice Faith to stay with DeepScan.

          * Um, if a private company made $9 Bn in profit last year and is poised to make even more profit per year in succeeding years, there’s no reason to take the company public and it’s very unrealistic that it would ever seriously consider doing so.

          Stock is not money. It’s ‘paper wealth’. At that level, the only reason to be a public company is to merge with another big Pharma company.

          * What is Riley Finn’s military rank and what is Samantha Finn’s military rank? It seems they were commanded by a Major, which means their ranks are lower than that of Major.


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            All caught up

            Here’s my bullet points and analysis so I don’t repeat stuff: It’s post #5 on page 1.

            I’ve read up to and including A&F 10.11, so I will not address stuff already known.


            * The only reasonable reason to not trust Inspector Brandt is that he seems to want to be buddies with Angel and Angel did what Angel did in BtVS S8 and before. You seem to be implying that you consider that Brandt is possibly more evil than Angel is.


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              Nope, I'm outright stating that there is a chance that Brandt is actively a bad guy and we don't know yet. Angel is not being written as actively being a bad guy and is in fact trying to help those in magic town. That doesn't mean that I think an evil Brandt will best anything that Angel has ever done souled or unsouled but right here and now he is the hero in the story trying to make up for the things he has done wrong, even knowing that it is a balance sheet that will never tip in his favour, and Brandt is potentially either good or bad.


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                The only reasonable reason to not trust Inspector Brandt is that he seems to want to be buddies with Angel and Angel did what Angel did in BtVS S8 and before. You seem to be implying that you consider that Brandt is possibly more evil than Angel is.
                She didn't imply that at all. Just because Stoney doesn't "trust" Brandt, and perhaps thinks it's possible that he has a hidden sinister agenda, doesn't mean that she thinks he's more evil than Angel is/was.

                One might say that Amy is an untrustworthy character. You shouldn't have to throw in a disclaimer that Amy isn't as evil as Willow because Willow tried to end the world and Amy didn't.

                If someone reading the book doesn't trust Brandt, they should be able to say so without an obligatory disclaimer that Brandt still isn't as bad as Angel.

                Nobody is obligated to hate Angel as much as you do Mike. In fact, people are allowed to like him if they choose. People are allowed to dislike Brandt, Harmony, Warren, Caleb, Spike or Dawn without having to justify it in comparison to Angel.


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                  now [Angel] is the hero in the story trying to make up for the things he has done wrong, even knowing that it is a balance sheet that will never tip in his favour,
                  I hope you mean “hero” as in “protagonist” not that you actually consider Angel is a “hero”.

                  There’s no indication he even gave anything to the Red Cross after BtVS 8.39. Andrew Wells and Kennedy have both individually helped Slayers post-BtVS 8.39. Angel’s done nothing to help the Slayers.

                  While Angel is currently upset that maybe he can’t be with Buffy again, that doesn’t mean that Angel himself considers that he can’t be redeemed.

                  Vampire in Rug

                  * Whether Amy Madison or Willow Rosenberg is eviler than the other is debatable. “The only reasonable reason to not trust Inspector Brandt is that he seems to want to be buddies with Angel and Angel did what Angel did in BtVS S8 and before.”

                  Nobody is obligated to hate Angel as much as you do Mike.
                  Posters are continuing to say that AngelTwilight was going to bring all the good people into Twilight even though that’s clearly not true and even though Angel in A&F S9 eventually essentially admits to Whistler that Angel was only going to have Buffy and himself in Twilight.


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                    Originally posted by MikeB
                    I hope you mean “hero” as in “protagonist” not that you actually consider Angel is a “hero”.
                    Sorry, but I couldn't resist. So just for lols....

                    Now didn't you say that Joss Whedon is the arbiter of canon? Well, I've got some good news!


                    Joss Whedon: "...Angel was hard for me because he was a hero...did I understand why he was a hero

                    Now I'm not sure if Joss has ever gone on record to contradict this, but hey, that's good enough for me .


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                      N: Because honestly… he’s done worse things in his life than kill poor Giles.

                      JW: Yeah, you know what? He’s done unbelievably terrible things, the whole thing with Giles… he can’t make up for what he’s done, he can’t go and make a checklist like My Name is Earl and go and get it all done. And so in a situation like that, you either kill yourself, or you go micro, and say “if I can do this one thing, it will give me enough focus and purpose to live through dealing through everything else I’ve done.” And as Twilight, that’s all some pretty inexcusable stuff he’s done, not to mention as Angelus, so the only way for him to deal with it… and I think this a real human truth, it’s that redemptive thing, it’s, “if I can just help that one person, if I can take back that one thing.”
                      In your clip, Joss Whedon was referring to the Angel of AtS not the Angel of post-BtVS S8. It doesn’t seem that Joss considers Angel is still a hero.