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Angel Legacy Edtions Volume 3 and onwards …

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  • Angel Legacy Edtions Volume 3 and onwards …

    Now that Dark Horse's original run has been published in Angel Legacy Editions Volumes 1 and 2, IDW's After the Fall is up next.

    Does anyone have any info on whether this will be republished as part of the Legacy Editions (Haven't found any pre-orders yet), or do you think they'll be republished as their own thing? Like: Angel Season 6?

    So far pre-orders are up for Buffy Legacy Editions Volume 2 and 3, and I suppose they'll go up to about 7 volumes like DH's Omnibuses did. It'll be interesting to see if there's a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Legacy Edition Volum 8, and it is the beginning of season 8!
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    I just expect them to reissue everything they can to sell more to be honest.


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      I hope they will, because I would like to own After the Fall comics and BtVS s8. Both are impossible to get for a reasonable price these days.


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        I have single issues of some of the IDW Angel comics that I'd be happy to send to you against postage costs; I have everything in hard cover anyway. But they are all post After the Fall, and frankly most of those are not so good, so I wouldn't say it's worth it. (With the exception of the Illyria ones.)