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Angel + Spike #15

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  • Angel + Spike #15

    Wolfram & Hart has been meddling in the lives of Team Angel, and the cracks are starting to show. As Fred wrestles for control over her new dark magic, Angel is too distracted by his connection with Detective Kate Lockley - and her mysterious connection to his past - to see it.

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    ....While Spike hangs from the ceiling apparently.....


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      Which is a very evil move by Wolfram & Hart. Just imagine, what hanging from the ceiling will do to his dangling parts ...

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        #15 - it's sad how many months I'll have to wait to see this...

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      Somehow I doubt going naked is a requirement for the


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        I just finished reading this issue, and I don't really know how to sum up what I think other than: no.

        Oz telling Angel & Spike to grab a leash and then calling them Daddies should've been my sign to just give up. But Spike actually leashing Oz and then walking him was more ridiculous than I could've guessed. I don't know what the writer is going for. That isn't Oz, either - the characterization is way too off (even for a reboot/AU/whatever we're calling this series, in my opinion).

        The artist is the same - majorly disappointing for me. It's a nice style but isn't my favorite. I really wish these comics had a style more fitting, and more of a solid idea of who the characters are.

        Overall, it's an okay issue by its own standards. Not intending to be overly negative. I don't see these issues pulling in new fans to the series, but I hope that I'm wrong.
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          I wonder what the sales figure are for all the issues. I can't see "old" BtVS fans liking the Boom comics but I can't see a new audience for their multiverse concept either.

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        I'm just trying to work out if this is going to be in the TPB that I have on order. Ah, no, I've just checked and that is 9-12. I don't think the trade that includes this one is out for preorder yet.

        To be honest I had told myself that I wouldn't preorder any more of the BOOM comics after the first 3 BtVS, 2 Angels and the Hellmouth until I'd read them and decided if I really liked them. I have them all but just haven't taken the time to read them yet. I only preordered the first Angel/Spike because the cover art really appealed to me. But this has really put me off blindly ordering the next trade without reading. It's difficult because the point of the reimagining is to present differences, but I kind of want to still feel like there is coherency to the characters as 'other' versions of the same person.

        I'm really going to have to find the time to sit and read and hope that the trades are still available when I do if I really like them. I feel doubtful though as I'm not really hearing positive responses from those that are reading along.


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          I'm not going to buy this one, or the ones following it. I didn't like #14 (didn't have time to post about it here, sorry) so I had already decided to stop reading, but the preview pages consolidated this decision for me. I don't expect to get any joy out of these comics anymore. It's a pity, because I really liked them until the change of author and artist.

          I already gave up on the Buffy ones earlier, so that means I'm not reading any Buffyverse comics anymore right now Maybe I will get the Willow ones instead. At least those have nice art, and judging from what I've seen, the story doesn't seem bad.