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  • BOOM! Buffy #14

    Kendra The Vampire Slayer-and the all-new Scooby gang-must defend Sunnydale from the aftershocks of the Hellmouth and a new threat that feels very familiar! But can they fill the void left behind by Buffy? And will this issue answer the question of what, exactly, happened to Buffy?

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    Lets hope the writing is as effective as this cover.


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      I'm not looking forward to this at all.


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        “Chosen One” variant cover by Serena Malyon.


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          This is not seriously cover art, is it?

          ................................ Banner by buffylover


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            Yes, it's a variant cover. I'm hopeful others will be better. I just don't know who's going to buy this comic.

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          Leading Comics Retailer Explains Diamond News, Warns Against Digital-Only Switch

          By Vaneta Rogers, Newsarama Contributor
          March 23, 2020

          With Monday's announcement that Diamond Comics Distributors would stop receiving new product from printers for distribution, Newsarama went to well-known comic book retailer Joe Field to find out what this means for the industry.

          Field, the California retailer who came up with the idea for Free Comic Book Day, explained that new printed comic books will stop arriving to stores next week, but he emphasized that the comic book market can survive — if publishers, creators and readers work together and avoid the temptation to switch to digital only.

          “What we know for sure is that the distribution stops as of next week’s shipment,” Field said.

          What that means, Field explained, is that readers will not get new printed comic books, starting with the books scheduled for release on April 1.
          The retailer admitted that most comic book stores will probably close temporarily, but some — like his Flying Colors Comics in Concord, Calif. — may still be open for readers to acquire reading material during the coronavirus crisis.

          “I believe there are still going to be shops, and we might be one of them on an incredibly limited basis, that still have some kind of a curbside service for what we have in stock,” Field said. In fact, his shop is already shut down except Wednesday and Saturday during limited hours, when curbside service is offered.

          “And believe me, I got plenty of comics! I can take care of people with comics until this whole thing moves through,” he said. “Are they the new comics that everybody wants every Wednesday? No. But you know what? There’s a lot of stuff they haven’t read yet that we still have that they’ll probably enjoy.”

          Field added that a few stores — including his own — have had trouble securing reliable information about Diamond’s delivery of this week’s books as well. In Field’s case, his shipment was impacted by a freight company shutting down, although he’s hoping his store’s books left Diamond via another freight company last week.

          “Anyone who was still operating is probably going to get this week’s books, but they just might not get them in as timely a fashion,” Field said.

          Field believes the direct comic book market can survive this setback, but only if publishers, readers, retailers and creators pull together. And he disagrees with some of his friends in the comic book creative community who are calling for continued release of new product to digital only.

          “I think everyone in this business is scrambling for whatever dollars they can find right now because we don’t know how long we’re going to go without getting any new dollars in. So there is desperation in the market,” Field said. “But I don’t think that desperation should lead to changing the market in such a way that comic book publishers would leave their best sales force on the sideline, permanently.”

          Field said he’s heard rumors that publishers are considering a continuation of production by just going 100 percent digital for now — something he does not want to happen. “Or they’re maybe going to offer retailers digital codes that we would sell that would be good for getting print books when this thing is finally settled,” Field said.

          “Both of those options are completely unacceptable,” he said. “They would have very difficult ramifications for many, many comic shops.”

          Field is hoping publishers will simply stop producing new content, and that the Direct Market will survive with the support of readers, publishers and creators during this difficult time.

          “I know that many of my customers right now are bonafide angels. They have no interest in digital. They have interest, fully, in continuing to buy from me when I can sell to them,” he said. “And for that loyalty, I’m really deeply grateful.

          “I think for many people who read comics, it’s not just about the comics — it’s about where they buy them and the community they belong to,” he said. “That’s something that they’re not going to get any place else. Publishers really need to be aware of that, and any solution that includes an exclusive digital thing is not going to be workable.”

          Newsarama reached out to leading digital distributor - the Amazon-owned and operated comiXology to try to gauge their position as to whether publishers should pause releasing new comic books digitally while Diamond pauses physical distribution. A spokesperson replied for the time being, "comiXology plans to release comics this Wednesday at the usual time."

          We will continue to pursue a dialogue with them about their position regarding future weeks and months.

          Field said he believes in the resilience of comics as a medium, of comic shops as the primary purveyors of comics to the masses, and he believes in comic retailers’ ability to adapt.

          “I’ll tell you a quick story from one of the architects of comics, the late great Will Eisner,” Field said. “He would come to retailer meeting at the San Diego Comic-Con to take the pulse of the market and give us a pep talk.

          “He said that about once every three years since he got into comics in the mid 1930s that he would be told, ‘You better get out of comics. They're dying and won't be here much longer,’” Field said. “He told that story as late as the early 2000s, so he was told that comics were dead probably 20 different times.

          “Yet, at the time of his passing, he was still creating!” Field said. “That's inspiration for me. I believe we can make it through this too.”

          So Issue 14 will not be coming out next week nor any new comics for the foreseeable future


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              Platonic? Haven't they kissed already?

              Okay, from the first set of panels the one on the bottom line left which says "We've got to move forward ..." that one really looks like Buffy.

              Does anyone see any likeness between Robin and D.B. Woodhouse though?

              ................................ Banner by buffylover


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                Art is definitely an improvement from the previous artist.


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                  The Buffy I like, Robin less so because it doesn't look like a young DBW to me. But as these are different versions of the same characters it bothers me less than when the canon continuation of the show made a mess of the likenesses. It's always great to see a distinctively 'Buffy' Buffy though.


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                    She's going to miss Willow, her "best friend." But no mention of Xander dying, or of him at all.

                    I could be generous and say that the show itself had a tendency to never mention characters who had died unless it was somebody really close or majorly important to somebody (Tara to Willow, Joyce to Buffy and Dawn) or it was important to the plot in some way, whether big (like the mention of Jenny Calendar that was in the unused version of the Empty Places climactic confrontation) or small (how Larry was mentioned by Amy and Willow in Gone as a way to demonstrate just how long Amy had been stuck as a rat)...or I could just say that I expect that Boom! Xander will be the equivalent of Jesse, vampirized friend who died and was never mentioned again. Not in the Buffy comic, not in the Willow mini. Bellaire has done what Whedon could never quite bring himself to do. If she's ever asked about it, I expect she'll say that Xander was just too unpopular to keep in the story long-term.


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                      I give it to Bellaire that she managed to sideline Buffy enough for Buffy to never really develop a meaningful relationship with Xander in the Boom!comics. But the same goes for Buffy and Willow and Buffy is still whining about her "best friend" being abroad.

                      I am not sure if this is a clever move though. We now have no normal people at all in the Boom!comics. Willow is (already) a powerful witch, Robin is a Watcher, Buffy is a Slayer, so is Kendra. Everyone is somehow supernatural but is that really something people can relate to?

                      I also was wondering is Bellaire wanted to kill two birds with one stone. They definitely wanted Buffy to have a "kinda" normal boyfriend and instead of going down the vampire romance route - which is perfectly fine - and they also wanted to bring in the much called for diversity. They needed a Xander who is a POC and thus they kicked him out and brought in Robin instead.

                      ................................ Banner by buffylover


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                        Guys, do you really think that Xander's truly gone? The comics already introduced Xander from alternate dimension and, more importantly, this is Buffy - death isn't exactly meaningful, much less final in this franchise.


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                          As I saw it, he becomes a soulless vampire when he returns part of Willow's soul to her. The dust on the floor is from the other vampires. Maybe I interpreted it wrong. I guess we'll see what happens in the upcoming issues.

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                        Since Diamond has stopped distribution of printed/physical comics starting this week,it will be interesting to see what happens with this and other publishers's releases going forward.I won't do digital but I am curious to see what each company does.That's been a real debate in the comic book news world this week.Should the publishers only release their comics digitally for now since they can't get the physical versions shipped out from Diamond and if they do,what type of damage will that do to the already suffering brick and mortar shops?It's not clear what each company is doing.Dark Horse for example has announced they will not release any new comic books digitally until print distribution resumes.The only thing they will release new in print on digital are original graphic novels and art books that go through distribution via there bookstore distributor.

                        So if the Buffyverse was still at Dark Horse,no new issues would be released digitally.I'm not sure yet what BOOM! has decided on.


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                          I like the art work and having Buffy centre stage. Having a 16 year old boy as Watcher is ridiculous and having Buffy date him defeats the whole purpose of watchers. I find all these Boom comics really frustrating and the fact that single issues are no longer being published will probably go a long way to helping me kick the habit of reading them.