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    BOOM! Studios Revised July 2020 Release Schedule

    By Newsarama Staff
    May 19, 2020

    BOOM! Studios released their revised new comic book and graphic novel release schedule for July 2020.

    The publisher’s new single issue comics release schedule resumes this week on Wednesday, May 20 with Diamond Comic Distributors' resumption of services.

    BOOM!'s full schedule for May and June can be found here.

    Most July titles were originally solicited for a June release.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer #15
    Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Ghosts #3
    King of Nowhere #3
    Ronin Island #12
    Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: The Quest for the Dual Glaive HC
    Steven Universe Vol. 7: Our Fearful Trip OGN SC

    Alienated #4
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow #1
    Firefly #17
    Red Mother #6
    Something is Killing the Children #8
    A Thief Among the Trees: An Ember in the Ashes Graphic Novel OGN HC
    Eat, and Love Yourself OGN SC
    Folklords SC

    Faithless II #2
    Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #9
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #51
    Once & Future #9
    Adventure Time: Princess Bubblegum SC
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Hellmouth Limited Edition HC
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Hellmouth SC

    Fence: Rivals OGN SC

    Angel & Spike #12
    Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1
    Wicked Things #3
    Wynd #2
    Angel Legacy Edition Book Two SC
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Beyond the Grid SC
    Space Bear OGN HC 7/29/20 Firefly #18 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #52 Bill & Ted Omnibus SC Giant Days Vol. 13 SC Ronin Island Vol. 2 SC Wonder Pony OGN SC


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      What Will Willow Comic Reveal About Buffyverse Future in Comics & TV?

      Posted on June 12, 2020 | by Rich Johnston

      We were the first to tell you weeks ago that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics from Boom Studios had some major plans, from seemingly introducing the Willow Rosenberg character from the TV series into comics continuity and then further connecting the TV series and this reboot series in ways no one really expected.

      But that's not all that Boom seems to have planned – I've been hearing the term "Buffyverse" used quite a bit by people who know about these things and it seems like my earlier prediction about a Buffy event a la Spider-Man's Into The Spider-Verse may be in the works. Sure, it won't qualify for any Oscars, but connecting multiple versions of Buffy continuity – which have extended into prose, young reader graphic novels and more – may be the biggest thing that no one's done with the franchise.

      And expect Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow #1, which FOCs this Monday, to take the next big step to that end. That issue – and the limited series – will further lay the groundwork for this event with Willow getting a glimpse at Buffies' futures – that's right, plural. Add in that Eisner-darling Mariko Tamaki is writing the series and this has all the elements to be another day one sell out for Boom (well, of at least any variant covers).

      Also keep your eye on their Angel series, which has been quickly introducing a number of familiar faces and has been hinting at a larger master plan by Wolfram & Hart regarding Fred…who we all know eventually became host to a dimension-crossing entity named Illyria in the TV show. Could there be a connection to come in that series as well? And could this all have any impact on future Buffy TV Plans?

      Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow #1 FOCs on Monday, June 15th and is on-sale in comics shops on Wednesday, July 8th.


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        Here's an idea, how about they get the core characters written well, then go off into 'gimmick land'?


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          I read buffy #15 and it seems Bellaire can handle Buffy well when she wants too. I think the real problem is that the writer has a problem with large ensembles. There's just too many characters to go around. Otoh, Hill on the angel & spike comic seems to be more adept at it.


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            Angel & Spike to get a new creative team.

            Zac Thompson and Hayden Sherman on Angel & Spike?



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              Rather an ugly couple of cover arts imo sadly.


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                Originally posted by BAF View Post
                Angel & Spike to get a new creative team.

                Zac Thompson and Hayden Sherman on Angel & Spike?

                I wonder what's the reason for this? I'm not happy about that news. I have been enjoying the current Angel & Spike comics, and I'm feeling pessimistic about the new team being an improvement.

                Hayden Sherman's character designs for Angel and Spike were posted on reddit (I got the link from the Sunnydale Herald) and don't like them at all (WHAT is Spike wearing?!)



                There's also a Q&A with the new writer, Zac Thompson:



                • Stoney
                  Stoney commented
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                  Really not my taste in art either. They both look facially really strange, but the clothing. Spike in loafers! And it looks like Angel has put his shoes on the wrong feet.

                • SpikeRocks
                  SpikeRocks commented
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                  Oh, no, no....those character designs are!

                • Double Dutchess
                  Double Dutchess commented
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                  Yeah, the loafers are the worst part!

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                And we're back to absolute crap again. Both characters (imo) looking bugger all like their real life counterparts. Such a shame that the franchise is being handled so poorly.


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                  I like it. It has character.


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                    Maybe with good inking the art will be tolerable. I read the writer Q&A and it seems the author is a big fan. On the writing alone I am excited about it. Here's hoping the art gets better.


                    • Double Dutchess
                      Double Dutchess commented
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                      I agree about the writer and to be fair, those were only character designs -- the characters may end up looking different in the comics. (I hope so!)

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                    So, the BOOM! Buffy issue "Frenemies", illustrated by Mora.....was that printed? Is that available for purchase? The "Free Comic Book Day" one....(I guess they're also calling Vol. 4, Issues # 13-16 "Frenemies")

                    I own Volumes 1-3 right now, I've just started reading Issue #9, so I'm behind. I'll catch up soon.......but boy, do I NOT like how they are messing with buffyverse vampire lore!!! What is this nonsense I'm reading?? There's a choice between "being devoured by the demon, or becoming it"? Not only do I not like that, I don't understand what that could possibly mean....

                    Xander lying on the bed before the soul-tie (quite liked the idea of the soul-tie) should be dead, technically, his soul already gone and his body transitioning.....He then wakes up/regains consciousness, which should mean he's woken up as a vampire (his physical body fully transitioned).

                    But then after he gains part of Willow's soul, his body is somehow....reverted back to being part human? He can walk in the sun?? He's somehow half-human, half-vampire? This makes no sense to me....It all feels like stuff Vampire Diaries pulls in their vampire lore, which I don't appreciate because Buffy has its own established (ok, sometimes murky/mysterious) vampire mythology. Really not thrilled by Xander being some kind of "part-vampire" human, who can go to school, walk in the sun, but needs to drink blood.

                    I looked ahead a bit, and was happy to see some different artists coming in. I quite liked what I saw of Julian Lopez and Ramon Bachs........But a lot of the variant covers have been disappointing

                    Just had to vent a little


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                      Imo It's all bloody nonsense that better confined to a bin.