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Hellmouth #3

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    What a lame excuse from Angel 'I didn't know what I was seeing . . . ', when Dru bit Xander.

    i liked Augies 'Not one nice day that goes away . . .' reference to IWRY. Few nice call backs in this issue. But would have been nice to hear what Angel had to do to become human . . . even though we know he won't do it. As Augie is in the Hellmouth, and probably evil, maybe he was lying to Angel.

    Love the colouring, and the last page is great.

    What about Druffy?


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      Yeah, it's Buffilla or Druffy.


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        Oh, you darling girl, he didn't say he was your friend ~ Drusilla

        Amazing visuals and intense action hampered by unfocused, meandering writing.

        Another issue, another waste of page space gloat-fest opening. What is the point? I'd be more understanding if the panels underneath depicted something interesting - bring us up to the speed on the happenings in Sunnydale or Los Angeles, maybe deliver extra material in the form of exposition or foreshadowing but it's just scenes we have already seen. There are some nifty new details like Rose's last name (I'm so sorry Ken-doll) and a really cool picture of Willow but with three pages of space so much more could’ve been done. Anyway, Buffy and Angel are not sure what to do with Drusilla. Buffy wants to immediately dust her but Angel insists on freeing her. Unsurprisingly Drusilla and Angelus, as she refers to him, know each other. Drusilla quickly reveals that Angel did nothing to help Xander. That makes Buffy understandably furious, especially since Angel's explanation (I didn't know what I was seeing) is nonsensical and obviously a lie meant to conceal his nature. Suddenly the chains break. The hellmother herself rises, enormous and unnecessary talkative, breaking through the ground, sending Buffy, Angel and Drusilla flying, separating them. The slayer lands close to Drusilla. Buffy's first instinct is to just grab the chain and tear the vampire's head off but as they're both attacked by hellish doppelgangers and visions, they come to an agreement. Armed with the chain Buffy deals with the creeps, while Drusilla runs off to find Angel. The scene is very interesting because the way Buffy and Drusilla interact is very reminiscent of Buffy's and Spike's dynamic from the TV series. Chains. Loathing. Sexual tension. What's the name of this pairing anyway? There's another important line here: Every time I've pushed somebody away and tried to go it alone, it's blown up in my face - sweet realization indeed! It took the classic Buffy all of the seasons to arrive at that conclusion - just shows how different this take on the character truly is.

        But what is Angel up to? An enormous, potentially world-ending entity has arisen inside literal hell and Buffy is possibly fighting it and/or Drusilla. So instead of trying to find her as soon as possible Angel decides to enter a hellmouth hut and have a chat with an oracle. Unbelievable! Angel takes a side quest, this is video game logic characterization. Augie the cooking oracle is awesome, an adorable mascot demon with a comically large ladle and the scene itself is decent but is it really the best time for exposition? Especially since we don't actually learn anything? Can every person who writes Buffy just print Giles' line from The Harvest and internalize it? Alright. The Slayer hunts vampires, Buffy is a Slayer, don't tell anyone. That's how you deal with lore in this franchise, please, nobody cares. The chat ends when Augie's hut is raided by demons and vampires. Angel goes full bumpy face and easily tears through them, just as Buffy arrives to discover his secret. The art in the entire issue is fantastic, colors, lines and letters and yet the final page still stands out, focusing on Buffy's betrayed expression from Angel's point of view. Just stunning!

        Buffilla sounds like a fancy Italian soup. I think it's Druffy.