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Buffy-Buffybot, Buffybot, & Aprilbot vs. various characters: Who would win?

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  • Buffy-Buffybot, Buffybot, & Aprilbot vs. various characters: Who would win?

    All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

    I want to include the various 'bots in this list.

    Buffy-Buffybot (BtVS S9):

    * I consider the Buffy-Buffybot would be placed above Buffy given the Buffy-Buffybot is harder to injure, kill, and is essentially immortal. And could Buffy regrow a severed arm? Could she have it magically reattached?

    She'd be placed above Spike but below Pearl and Nash. They still have powerful 'laser beams' and can fly.

    So, would the Buffy-Buffybot beat Drusilla? And I include Drusilla's fighting ability and magical abilities as shown in the possibly canon pre-Season 8 comics: Ring of Fire , Spike and Dru : "Paint the Town Red" and "Queen of Hearts".

    Buffybot (BtVS S5 and BtVS S6):

    * It's placed below Buffy, as shown in "Intervention" (B 5.18) and "Bargaining Part II" (B 6.02).

    * I'd place it below UberVamp #1 given the UberVamp's speed and ferocity.

    * I'd probably place it below Lothos, as it doesn't seem to have the fighting resourcefulness and intelligence of pre-BtVS S1 Buffy.

    * I'd probably place it above Ampata ("Inca Mummy Girl" (B 2.04).

    * So, it against post-Love Spell Jasmine and it against pre-Season 10 Faith is the issue.

    The Aprilbot:

    * Buffy is depressed in "I Was Made to Love You" (B 5.15) and she does well against Aprilbot. It's possible the Aprilbot would have killed her if it hadn't powered down.

    * It's comparable enough to Buffy that it'd certainly be placed above Ampata.

    * I'm not sure pre-Season 10 Faith is a resourceful enough and intelligent enough fighter to beat it. I'll base my ranking on if the Aprilbot wouldn't power down during the fight. Given it doesn't seem the Aprilobt fights with weapons, it'd be placed below post-Love Spell Jasmine. So, the question is whether it would beat Faith.

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    I think the S9 Buffybot was built to be indistinguishable from Buffy, so therefore I think she would be as strong as Buffy, though of course she's reliant on mechancal/computer parts and they break easier, wear down and need upgrading regularly. Put that against the short time she as actually around, and so wear and tear would be minimal, I think she could beat Dru.

    The Buffybot is good, but not great. She needs the Scoobies with her to be her best, and of course Willow's constant attention to keep her running smoothly. So I'd say Faith would beat her pretty easily. (I have no memory of 'post love spell Jasmine' so I can't write to that.

    Aprilbot is strong, and can fight, but I think once Faith knows she's a bot, that's game over. Faith has style and flair, in a way Aprilbot doesn't seem to posses, as she's not programmed for that, and I think Faith would easily disable her.