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    Yes, possibly, very early on Angel wasn't sure how he could help. Maybe during his velvet jacket days, but once he was in leather, he knew exactly what his job was

    - - - Updated - - -

    As with all these Boom comics, I have mixed feelings. I'd give it 3/5. Did we know Giles knew Anya? I did recognise Anya and thought she was drawn differently to Buffy, but maybe if you'd not read any of the previous comics you may think Giles was speaking to Buffy in the shop.

    Liked how Angel made his dramatic entrance, that was straight out of AtS. But I didn't like Buffy opening her heart up to him, talking about Willow ghosting her etc. within two minutes of meeting him. But once again that may be a reflection of the show, as Buffy and Angel fell in love with each other within seconds of meeting and for no apparent reason.

    Glad Cordy is now in the gang and in the know. Robin is annoying, what is he doing there. Didn't think the scenes with Xander and Buffy were at all emotional. Really disliked Angel giving Buffy a pep talk, hope we see her doing the same for him soon.

    My prediction is that Angel will save Buffy, but Willow will save everyone and close the Hellmouth and Buffy will be a bit part player in the whole thing.


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      Do none of you remember my Pegasus?! There was a tail on him! ~ Buffy Summers

      Buffy is the star of this thoroughly entertaining, action-y issue! Carlini and Peter kill it, the art is stylish and detailed, with brilliant, vivid colors!

      Dru activates the hellmouth. The ground opens, the sky alights with fire and Sunnydale is swarmed by hellish creatures. Demonic rats, snakes, drakes, giants and whatnot - it’s a proper apocalypse! Dru abandons the bleeding Spike and leaves the museum. Giles, Jenny, Joyce and Eric run away. Giles heads to Anya’s store, looking for help, only to find Anya packing, carrying her inventory into a portal. Anya refuses to help, trying to change things never works, she mentions but she does explain at least what is happening. Drusilla needs blood of a demon to activate the hellmouth, see: Spike, and blood of a mortal to actually open it. Still at the school, Buffy and Xander get to the library, searching for the watcher. Inside they find Robin and soon Cordelia (dressed as a feline, of course) joins them. Giles calls Buffy and informs her that Drusilla is coming straight to her. Angel enters the library, searching for the seal, then immediately runs out. The teens follow him. Buffy gets ready to fight, she takes off her bat hoodie and ties her hair. She instructs Robin and Cordy to make sure that everyone evacuates. Xander wants to go with Buffy, despite Buffy’s insistence on doing it alone, but suddenly topples over, overwhelmed by another prophetic vision. Something’s on the way, something that can control us, he warns. Buffy tells him to get to Willow and the two share a goodbye hug. It’s so sweet! I think that at this point the dynamic between Buffy and Xander is just flawless, regardless of where it is heading.

      Buffy sets off after Angel. She dashes through the burning, demon-infested gymnasium and saves a couple of kids while on her way. One thing I like about this series is that Buffy’s physicality was updated to follow the shift in beauty ideal. This Buffy is not only significantly taller than the classic version, she’s also boldly athletic. She’s buff. She runs fast. She punches hard. It’s awesome! The characterization in this issue follows that energy - Buffy is confident, undaunted and fearless. She’s a spark plug, a force completely in her element! Anyway, Buffy catches up to Angel and the two descend into the school’s basement. Their banter is entertaining and very interesting as it serves two functions. It establishes their dynamic as something that’s decidedly not star-crossed lovers every day was like the end of the world type of thing, it’s also a rapid-fire critique of their relationship in the classic continuity. Buffy calls Angel a creep-o, calls out his mysterious know-it-all shtick, firmly establishes that she is the slayer and he is a sidekick, even Angel’s age is touched upon. It’s incredibly nifty. Finally, the duo reaches the opened seal. Buffy finds a dead body right next to it. It’s the fairy Robin was dancing with, Drusilla used her blood to open the hellmouth. Buffy’s upset that she wasn’t fast enough to save the girl but quickly composes herself. The seal needs to be closed, no matter the cost. The slayer leaps into it with spread arms, an image that without a doubt references The Gift.

      D-did Buffy just yolo herself into the hellmouth? In awe of this madlass!


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        I love that you are loving these comics a thing of evil, it makes me feel more positive towards them. I still think Buffy opening up to Angel was too easy and too soon, considering they don't know each other.

        Buffy is upset that she didn't save Robin's date, but I though it was Angel's pep talk that appears to pull her around, rather than her own confidence and need to get the job done. But I agree, she was previously very in control and knew what she had to do.


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          One thing I didn't get. Did the blood of the girl that Robin was dancing with opened the Hellmouth, or did it open when Buffy jumped in?


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            Originally posted by redtent View Post
            One thing I didn't get. Did the blood of the girl that Robin was dancing with opened the Hellmouth, or did it open when Buffy jumped in?
            I thought it was the girls blood that opened the Hellmouth. Now I think about it, it's quite sad that she didn't have a name.


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              Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Hellmouth #1 Is a Blast for New & Old Fans

              Oct 12, 2019

              BOOM! Studios' Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Hellmouth #1 is a lot of fun and will be quite rewarding for Buffy fans new and old.