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Revamp: 5 Ways BOOM!’s 'Buffy' & 'Angel' Comics Improved the Franchise

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  • Revamp: 5 Ways BOOM!’s 'Buffy' & 'Angel' Comics Improved the Franchise

    Revamp: 5 Ways BOOM!’s 'Buffy' & 'Angel' Comics Improved the Franchise (& 5 Ways They Didn’t)

    The author's not very happy with the new take on Cordy, Dru and that things are, in general, different than they used to be but otherwise it's a decent enough list.

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    I think Willow being gay from the outset is definitely an improvement you can't argue with. The writer wants Tara in the comics asap, but I'm hoping they take their time about that, and perhaps not have her at all. I want Willow to live a little before she feels the need to settle down with Tara

    The writer hasn't really grasped Cordy's character in the comics. She's not awful, but she's not completely nice either. I think Bellaire has tried to give her layers at the very start and has perhaps gone to far to the nice side, but I would argue Cordy isn't as nice as she may first appear.

    Joyce in a relationship is 'seeing Joyce happy'. Why does she have to be in a relationship to be happy? I always thought Joyce was happy without a relationship, and that was great. I understand Bellaire wanting to add a new twist to her version of Joyce, but giving her a man and saying that somehow makes her happy and fulfilled isn't really it for me.

    I am still holding out on my opinion of half-vampire Xander until I see more. I liked depressed Xander and found him the most interesting character, so I want to see where vamp-Xander goes before I say he's an improvement or not. Fred is a great addition to the Angel franchise, but like VampXander, I've not seen enough of her to decide how I feel.

    Dru not being crazy is a big change for the character, but I think she's been written really well so far, so I don't see her sanity as a negative.

    I completely disagree with bringing in young Robin Wood as an improvement. I wasn't a particular fan of his character on the show, and seeing a Robin/Buffy romance in the comics isn't filling me with joy. I think my problem is that he's just another character that takes the focus from Buffy and he'll end up getting more of a storyline than his gf. He already is doing, with his mysterious messages from the Council

    Anya not being in the Scooby fold isn't a big departure from the show imo. She was a scooby, but didn't particularly fit in, and was actively disliked by at least one core member I think setting her apart from the teenage gang works really well for her actually. My only problem with her is that she looks too much like Buffy and I wish the artists were better are distinguishing them.

    I agree Angel starting before he meets Buffy does offer a different view of the character and is a positive. I am preferring the Angel comic to the Buffy ones at the moment, so something's working for him

    I'm afraid I do agree with his number one negative (so far) Cordy crushing on Spike. I like this new Cordy and Spike, and I won't hate them getting together, but it is one hell of a stretch. Bellaire might be able to write a wonderful, believable, romantic and sexy love story for them that might convince me . . . or maybe not. But deep down I'll always want Cordy and Angel together.