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Angel #0 BOOM!

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    Angel #2

    Los Angeles is becoming infested with more supernatural threats than ever before-and Angel needs to know why before he can complete the rituals to become human once again. But the vampire-with-a-soul’s quest for redemption won’t be as simple as he hoped (I mean, it’s already super complicated because he was, well, the mass murderer Angelus) when a new threat arrives on the scene and forces Angel to truly examine his past.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Angel #3

    Angel’s made his move and now he’s dealing with the unintended consequences as the true threat facing him may be greater than he imagined. But one wrong choice may destroy his life as he knows it… and ruin his chances to lift the curse. Is there any price too high when redemption is the prize?


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      Interesting art. Is that supposed to be Dru?


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        Originally posted by HowiMetdaSlayer View Post
        Interesting art. Is that supposed to be Dru?
        I'm not sure. I think we've only seen Dru in trouser suits so far. Though that could mean nothing.

        - - - Updated - - -

        What really interests me is Angel trying to make himself human. Is that why he needs the soul anchor? I doubt he'll do it, as he's more interesting as a vampire


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          I really like the art of both. Now the individual issues are getting solicitations I'm hoping a trade paperback is announced soon.


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            Upcoming front cover art.


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              In This Exclusive Look at Angel #2, a Familiar Face Re-Emerges

              One of the most intriguing thing about Boom’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics series has been watching the familiar tale of the beloved show play out anew in a modern, rebooted setting. Watching these characters we know and love re-meet each other for the first time has been a hoot so far—and we’re about to see it happen again.

              Hot off of the unconventional surprise debut of his own spinoff series (as well as regular appearances in the main Buffy comic), io9 can exclusively reveal that Angel’s quest to regain his humanity will see him cross paths with another face from his TV past in Bryan Edward Hill and artist Gleb Melnikov’s Angel #2: Winifred “Fred” Burkle. Check out Dan Panosian’s cover for the issue below, making its debut here on io9.

              Played by Amy Acker in seasons two through five of Angel—before Fred was tragically killed off and had her body play host to the demon Illyria—the young Fred fans and Angel will meet in Angel #2 is a Sunnydale teen math and science prodigy. The troubled Fred finds herself being stalked by a mysterious monster—one that Angel also uncovers when he ventures to Sunnydale in an attempt to reclaim his human form, realizing that his quest and Fred’s mysterious connection to the supernatural are suddenly intertwined.

              It looks like the girl on the bridge is Fred, who's now a student at Sunnydale High


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                Originally posted by a thing of evil View Post
                I really like the art in this comic - it has this rough, sort of old-school, noir look to it with a lot of character. Fits Angel like a glove.
                I agree and I was hoping that was the road they went down. However, at the moment I'm trying to reconcile Harry Styles! Angel with Robert Mitchum's Philip Marlowe! Angel and it ain't happening for me.

                I'm kinda wondering whether Frangel will replace Bangel. I do hope so - I'm heartily sick of Bangel v Spuffy.

                I also think someone should trawl the net, collecting all the teaser pages together. I'm fairly sure Boom will one day release a whole issue in pre-publication parts without realizing it.


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                  Happy to see Fred introduced.I'm enjoying the new ways later seasons characters are being brought in.Is it wrong that I really would love to see a appearance by Lorne?I know that TPTB put a moratorium on using Lorne after Andy Hallet's death which I respect.But I would love to see him pop up in this reboot now even in a small role.I'm hoping him getting that variant cover means he'll be showing up.


                  • #69
                    As I remember it Christos was told that he could do a story using Lorne if he had a good enough idea and he said he just didn't feel he had anything in mind. So I could see Joss saying a similar thing and would hope that the use of Lorne, if it happens, was/is something that he was okay with.
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                      I'm kinda wondering whether Frangel will replace Bangel.
                      I think that's possible, especially since Fred (with Illyria) was Angel's end game paramour in the classic continuity.