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    Thread to discuss #2 on the new Buffy comic from Boom

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ok, I've caved and bought it on digital.

    Still don't like that they've changed 'she' to 'they'

    Liked the bit about Xander's blog being so sad and he's only got 3 followers So far I'm loving this Xander, and what they've done with him. They're setting him up for something big, either him asking to be turned, or maybe shooting up the school - both things we saw in the show. He's the most interesting character so far.

    Not a fan of 'are you dreaming about me' Eric.

    Giles is so Season 1 and I like it. I also enjoy Buffy bringing her home life into school and conflating step-father and Watcher.

    I like Buffy being a nerd and dropping ST references.

    I thought Cordy was being so nice because she's running for office. I don't think Giles is lusting over her either, I think he's wishing his slayer were more like Cordy and that's what Buffy's picking up on. Cordy is so over the top with Willow too, it's definitely a bluff to win votes Though her eco-warrior stance seems genuine . . . I'm confused about the real Cordy, but I loved her confidence with Spike.

    I don't understand why Buffy snapped at Robin. They've made her much more snarky then she ever was in the show.

    Oh wow, the meet cute between Cordy and Spike . . . not sure how I feel about that. Spike seems a bit too 'together' but I guess he was when we first met him on the show, when he was the BB and we didn't know he was a romantic fool . . . although this meeting is quite romantic.

    Anya and Dru were fun together. I liked the monster from the urn

    The art is amazing! It's the best thing about the comic by far. I loved the panels of Spike slipping back into the dark, but his blue eyes are shining *sigh

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    As per Stoney's instructions, I've copied over the advance review (thanks BAF) and my more sensible comments.

    Second advanced review for tomorrows's Buffy # 2.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2

    Written by Jordie Bellaire
    Art by Dan Mora and Raúl Angulo
    Lettering by Ed Dukeshire
    Published by BOOM! Studios
    Review by Richard Gray

    'Rama Rating: 9 out of 10

    “‘90s reference!” quips Buffy. “Powerful stuff.” When Buffy the Vampire Slayer first premiered on television a staggering 23 years ago, one of its defining features was its sharply contemporary outlook. Writer Jordie Bellaire is keenly aware of this in her reimagining of the cult series, a concept that will always have one foot in 1996 and the other firmly planted in 2019. Yet Bellaire proves with this second issue that no cow is completely sacred, offering interesting new takes on characters that dovetail into topical conversations.

    Case in point is Cordelia Chase, described by Willow upon her reintroduction as “so nice and beautiful and smart.” Old-school fans will know that Cordy spent her initial appearances as a minor antagonist for the Scooby Gang, and this bit of unbalance offers a different vantage point for the existing audience. Newbies will still quite happily enjoy the intrigue of seeing the environmentally conscious Cordelia get drawn in by the magnetic qualities of the blonde stranger in a leather coat. Those taking their second trip through the Hellmouth may ponder what this more enigmatic Spike has in store for the the reigning Ms. Sunnydale.

    As Bellaire weaves in these altered elements - and new ones like Buffy’s potential love interest Robin - you may not notice what she’s cleverly done with Xander. Which is kind of the point: as Willow’s blissful relationship with Rose, Cordy’s campaign for school president, and Buffy’s slayer duties continue, Xander is completely sidelined. It’s leading to a potentially interesting thematic union of high school isolation and entitlement, and using the beloved character of Xander as a vehicle for this might be her masterstroke.

    If some of these changes are your idea of a nightmare, then artists Dan Mora and Raúl Angulo have anticipated your unease. The issue opens with a red-drenched corridor, peppered with zombified versions of familiar characters and several Dutch tilts for good measure. As Giles’ jaw unhinges like a python ready to feast, Buffy 2019 marks itself as a comic willing to serve up some genuine chills alongside the wry comedy.

    Mora and Angulo maintain a faithful look and feel during the body of this issue, keeping the lights turned all the way up for the sunniest dale of them all. Character designs match the likenesses of the actors who filled the original roles, although the the artists have updated their wardrobes to match these modern times. Where they really get to cut loose is during the Druscilla/Anya scenes, a Gothic inspired sequence that ends with the reveal of a new demonic entity.

    There will be readers who might wonder why this ‘remake’ is needed at all, but reimagining superheroes is a tradition at least as old as the medium of comics. Bellaire, Mora, and Angulo aren’t just remixing a classic TV show but breaking it down to its component parts and rebuilding it for a generation who may not have a connection to the original. By the time we get to the powerful final panels of this sophomore issue, Bellaire has shown us that this Buffy the Vampire Slayer redux is not only welcome, but absolutely necessary for modern audiences.

    First. I don't like the cover. Other than that, the whole issue looks really nice. The review above is pretty much on point. Enigmatic's a good description of Spike - "a lot like Angel" is another. Cordy: either she has hidden depths or she's completely shallow. I completely agree with the reviewer above, inasmuch as it's "breaking it down to its component parts and rebuilding it". The problem for me is, I can see the joins. It's like someone's grouted the bathroom and not wiped the grout off the tiles. Things are slightly "off kilter" and, initially it's kinda disturbing. My second and third reading straightened things out (a bit) - although there's a moment when we get "Gisley" that I wasn't comfortable with. Xander - @Sosa Lola - sort your guy out. I don't know whether to hug him or shake him. Kinda like the blue boxes though.
    Adding to the above: a) I'm reminded of Xander wearing a fur-lined jacket on one of the later covers. "Lamb to the slaughter" or "Wolf in Sheep's clothing". There's a certain ambivalence to many of the characters (Robin, Cordy, Spike, Xander, Willow, Giles) and I don't know which way they'll turn. The Spike/Cordy meeting is probably the strangest (Fritz Lang's M has just come into my mind). The setting for it is (possibly) "Edgeland" - which always interests me. I'm also thinking Carter/Jordan's Company of Wolves. It definitely has the uncanniness of fairy tale - perhaps urban myth.

    I'm going to work - hopefully others will have read it when I return.

    Pricey - bad timing. My cheque's in the post!
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      I didn't like the cover either. I still think Buffy looks too much like Dana Scully


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        Originally posted by Priceless View Post
        I didn't like the cover either. I still think Buffy looks too much like Dana Scully
        That might work - find a Mulder. She's definitely brusque in this episode. Sorta - no nonsense. A contrast with the ambivalence of Cordy (is she nice or not?).


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          I am very likely wrong, and sound really mean, but Morgan Perry's piece at the end makes me thing she's only actually watched The Body and a researcher has outlined the basics of the show for her. I don't think anyone who's watched the show and really understood it could do what this team is doing, because the characters would be so sharply formed in their mind. I feel like they were told 'Cordy's the mean girl' and then totally changed her, 'Spike and Angel are both vamps in love with Buffy' and they've conflated the two 'Anya worked in the magic shop' so they've given her a shop etc. Maybe I'm wrong, probably are, but that's what I think.

          - - - Updated - - -

          Originally posted by TriBel View Post
          That might work - find a Mulder. She's definitely brusque in this episode. Sorta - no nonsense.
          She actually sounds like a petulant kid when talking to Eric and Joyce, which was never really Buffy's way, or not without humour. I think the problem is maybe Bellaire's style and she needs to be funnier.


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            Spoilers ahead, which I guess goes without saying if you’re on this thread.

            The nightmare scene in the beginning is like something straight out of Burton/Coraline/Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It looks great, scary and macabre. The coloring is amazing.

            Buffy has a stepdad named Eric, who’s lived with them for a month and has dated Joyce for a year. They both look to be in their mid-thirties. Little throwback here to Buffy’s «Fire bad, tree pretty.» as she’s saying «Nightmare. Fire, bad.» in response to Joyce commenting on her being up earlier than usual. Eric’s trying too hard, Buffy’s not making it easy. Bordering on «Spordelia» :P

            Later, in the library, Buffy and Giles, well, only Giles, is researching silver that protects vampires, since the vamp that attacked Buffy and couldn’t be staked in the first issue mentioned he’d be back with silver. How much y’all wanna bet that Silver is actually a person/monster, and not actual silver? *raises hand* Buffy is mega sassy with Giles, but then again, this is the beginning of their relationship and that’s how it was, though she seem’s extra salty here. The library scenes look so good! I love the ambience in the library. It’s even better than on the show.

            I think everyone pointing out how nice Cordelia is, need to read her lines with Charisma Carpenter’s voice in their heads, because this girl is running a campaign and knows very well that bitches don’t win any favors from the crowds, especially not in 2019. Yes, she seems nice, but don’t forget that Cordelia delivered some of her most vicious insults with a blinding megawatt smile on her face and actually started her relationship with Buffy this exact way back in season 1. The way Willow and Rose react to Cordelia should be telling enough. There’s also a chance that Cordelia might have everyone fooled up to this point, there may yet be some catalyst that reveals her extremely bitchy side to the rest of the students. Also, I don’t think there’s anything Wesley-ish about Giles’ reaction to Cordelia at all! I think he’s just relieved to be talking to a polite young woman with aspirations for a second, after dealing with Buffy’s negative attitude for almost a month. Don’t forget, the man is British. And the whole exchange between Buffy and Giles in the last panel:
            Buffy: Just shut up.
            Giles: I didn’t say anything.
            Buffy: Good.
            Is probably just Buffy expecting a line from Giles about why she can’t be more like Ms. Chase, not about Giles checking out Cordy’s ass.

            Cute scene between Buffy and Robin at the track. Buffy thinks Robin is asking for her number, when all he’s doing is asking her to sign his cast. Hence Buffy’s humiliation. Apparently Robin fell off a roof. Fighting vampires, maybe? Who knows … Definitely more to the story of his broken arm.

            Cordelia is obviously genuinely preoccupied with environmentalism as she freaks out about losing a helium balloon that drifts off into the woods. She runs after it, afraid it’ll suffocate a little bird. She says this to herself with no one else around, so this ain’t for show. I’m guessing the writers have given her some more depth from the get-go this time around, as we all know she’s much more than a vapid airhead after watching her grow on Angel. In the woods she runs into … Spike. The whole thing is kinda reminiscent of when Buffy first met Angel in the alley, minus the violence. And instead of giving Cordelia a cross, like Angel gave Buffy, he gives her back her balloon and lets her leave unharmed. Hmm …

            Dru has Anya tied up at her store, looking for something that will save them all. Who knows what … Dru certainly doesn’t. They obviously know each other, but Anya won’t give Dru any help, so she starts trashing the place. Dru calls Anya a Demon Witch (Whatever that is) and says she can’t kill her and torture won’t work, so she’ll just have to start destroying everything Anya’s acquired. Dru talks about all of them being on borrowed time if the prophecies are true and that she can help all of them survive if only Anya will give her what she seeks, but Anya’s not in a hurry to go anywhere. Which provokes Dru to smash some old urne, releasing the bat-beast from the #3 preview! It’s apparently the Destroyer of Vampires and will kill them all! To quote Anya: «Bet you feel real dumb right now, huh?»

            Xander doesn’t interact with anyone in this issue, he’s just there in the background, blogging about not feeling good enough for anyone, how nothing about him is special or unique, that everybody’s got someone and has everything figured out. He can’t stand the way his mind works and feels like a loser. Last page is all Xander and the Scooby Gang’s (Xander, Willow and Buffy) group text. He’s sitting alone in his room, in the dark, texting them. It’s blatantly obvious that Xander’s suffering from depression now, and it’s just really sad and I wish they’d had the guts to go down this route with him on the show, but we didn’t talk about mental illness back then the way we do now, so can’t really blame them. But the signs were there. He text W and B to ask them: «Hey guys, weren’t we supposed to hang out tonight?» Buffy forgot and is wrapped up in her slayer business and Willow’s with Rose, who had a bad day. Xander is typing back how this actually isn’t cool at all and that they’re bailing on him and that he too had a bad day etc., and then, like all of us has done at one point or another, he deletes the message and just responds: «No problem guys, have a good one.» The last frame is of Xander with his head hung low, sitting alone on his bed, in the dark.

            I’m really loving what they’re doing with Xander in this comic, and I can’t wait to see where this is going. I just have a feeling he’s gonna get turned and that the re-ensouling will happen to him and not Angel. Maybe. Who knows … maybe he’ll be a werewolf or maybe he’ll just get a shrink. Either way, wonderful character driven issue, not much advancement of the plot, but I’ll take character over plot any day. I think we’re in for a really great series.
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              I should have my copy by the weekend but the Xander stuff sounds really interesting as do some of the other stuff.


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                I really like it. Also like how people are wearing sensible clothes, haha! No pantsuits for Cordelia and no skimpy skirts and heels for Buffy. The building mystery around Xander is really intriguing. He's honestly never been more interesting.
                "The hardest thing in this world is to live in it."


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                  Read my copy. It was okay, still a big fan of the art, but as for the script, well early days I know, but nothing special so far. I do hope Dru doesn't just end up being the bland traditional villain role. In a weird way she was so much more then that in the show.

                  A few images that I found intersting. lol Big spoilers of course.


                  *eat* Whit with uploading images on here these days? The originals for these were so much sharper and not fuzzy at all.
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                    Thanks for the spoiler, silver1!

                    Yes, Spike seems very Angel-y. I am not sure I like it. Him being all mysterious and secretive feels weird. And since when is he an environmentalist?

                    What’s his agenda talking to Cordy but not eating her nor being upfront why he is lurking in the woods? It’s exciting, I give the writers that.

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                        Does anyone think, they are going to mesh Angel and Spike into one character?

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                          Willow and Rose are so soft and lovely!


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                            Cordelia is just perfect. I was a afraid they would soften her up, but this worked perfectly. She is not quite the bully she used to be, but she is still able to walk all over people ... with a smile, of course.

                            Originally posted by flow View Post
                            Does anyone think, they are going to mesh Angel and Spike into one character?

                            Nah! There are certain weird things Spike manages to get away with that no one else could. Imagine David standing there, blank faced, holding a balloon. If Spike looks creepy, Angel would have looked terrifying.

                            "Hey, little lady! Is this your balloon?"


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                              Nothing too special, but I liked it, I'm most curious about how they'll make it different from the show.

                              I can relate: "falling off of a roof hurts kind of a lot." Robin broke his arm, I broke my wrist...

                              Cordelia is too confident and brave or too stupid... I'm no coward, but a strange man in the woods at night is too much to face with such calmness.

                              We'll have... Spordelia? It seems Spike got impressed by Cordy's attitude toward him, his blue yes sparkled. Just the eyes! Is he a vampire with a soul???? Is he working against Drusilla? No, I can't believe they will have the nerve to give Spike Angel's role.

                              Xander... yeah, I think he is going through some major issues. But why he is having trouble saying "what he thinks"? If he is hiding his werewolf condition, that's not something he would be saying. What does he want and isn't getting? Date one of the girls???
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