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    Welcome to the Buffy Comics Section!

    We hope you find all of Buffyforums to be a fun place to openly and seriously discuss topics. We are rebooting this section as our commitment to a friendly community. There have been some misconceptions about what is respectful attitude.

    For the most part, members are very respectful. But there has been an atmosphere of the section is a warzone where you have to go to battle or be ready to defend yourself when provoked because no one else will. This place is a forum, not an arena.

    It is exciting and emotional as new storylines are being released. As passions run high sometimes we forget how our written words come across to others. It is important for everyone to respect each other so we can all get along regardless of our opinions.

    Moderators are not here to micromanage you or your limit your content. Nor are we here to protect certain issues even if we believe in them. There may be content or words that you find offensive because of personal beliefs. We ask you to be tolerant of others and their opinions.

    Basically, our policies are:

    1. Respect others when posting.
    2. Tolerate others when reading.

    As simple as we think the rules, I have collected some of the issues and questions that seem to arise frequently. Please read through them to familiarize yourself.

    If you wish to post in this section, please post below saying that you have read and accept the rules. If the rules are broken, then the member will lose the ability to view the S8 section for a period of time.

    Members need to respect each other. The moderators expect everyone to act like mature adults. This is by far not an exhaustive list.

    General Behavior:
    • No name calling or insulting of members.
    • No demeaning of other's opinions as useless or not based in fact.
    • Do not demand other members respond to your questions. They may have you on Ignore. They may realize the futility of trying to get you to understand why they have their opinion. A person is entitled to make one post with their opinion and not get into a discussion.
    • Limit use of sarcasm. What sounds witty to you while writing it, probably just sounds rude to those reading the words.
    • Interpret posts at face value. Do not think another is trying to insult or discredit you.
    • Report posts that violate behavior. Do not engage in "defending" yourself or retaliating with similar attitude.
    • Use the "Ignore" function on members whose opinions or behavior you can't accept.

    • Not everyone is a native speaker of English.
    • The forum is about sharing opinions. It is not about proving your opinion right or another person's wrong.
    • Use, "I disagree", and go into your opinion.
    • Use, "In my opinion." Do not present your opinion and interpretations as fact.
    • It is acceptable to bold or all cap another person's name in order to get their attention amongst all the text and posts. Do not take this as being rude. However, other bolding or all caps should be limited as it is typically considered to be shouting or angry.
    • Characters are not protected against rude comments. Do not be personally offended by a member who says something you don't like about a character you love.
    • In addition, it is okay to not be a fan of Joss Whedon or other creative member of BTVS or ATS. They are not members so are not protected against rude comments. However, they are people too so limit anything rude you say and be more constructive in why you dislike them rather than name calling.

    These rules are for the entire forum. However, due to the high traffic in this section, we believe tempers get heated quickly and a cool down period where you cannot view the section is appropriate.

    If you are new to this forum, please also read our full Rule & Posting Guidelines regarding spam and other policies.

    It should go without saying, but opening up multiple accounts is considered troll behavior and will be treated decisively.

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    I'm not sure how often - if ever - I'll be posting in the season 8 section, but I have read and accept the rules, in case I ever do.
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      I have read and accept the rules.
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        I read and accept the rules.
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          I have read and accept the rules.


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            I've read the rules and I accept them.
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              I have read and accepted all of your rules


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                I have read and accept the rules.
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                  I have read and accept the rules.


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                    I've read and accept the rules.


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                      I have read and accept these rules.


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                        I've read and accept the rules -- and thanks for a clear articulation of a set of guidelines that should help us create a good atmosphere for discussion!
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                          I've read the rules and I accept them.


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                            I'll probably never post in here (I'm a lurker) but I've read and accepted the rules.
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