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    I rewatched Orpheus a while ago and Willow's treatment of Fred to say the least. To me it seemed like Fred was excited to finally meet an original Scooby Gang member and Willow misconstrued her enthusiasm as a "come on" (which is why she reacted with "I'm with someone...") and cut her off to speak to Wesley.

    If it was done for comedic effect I didn't think it was very funny, I thought Willow of all people who herself had been the third wheel and the loner geek at times would have been more receptive and at least showed a share interest in Fred's enthusiasm of magic. Instead she cuts her off and says that she is seeing someone (Kennedy...) and ignores her for the rest of the trip to speak to others like Cordelia, Gunn, etc.

    What does everyone else think about it? I thought it was kind of rude of Willow to do that to Fred especially considering all of the emotional crap she went through because of Xander/Buffy/Oz and just flat out "not being one of the cool kids" at times and Fred seemed obviously hurt or put off by Willow's attitude to which Wil didn't seem to care.
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    Willow definitely misconstrued Fred's friendliness as flirtation but I don't think she meant to be rude or intended to make Fred feel bad. I think it was more that Willow felt herself enjoying Fred's company a little too much and she felt it was inappropriate given that she was seeing Kennedy. I think she just felt she was doing the right thing by making it clear she was in a relationship. I don't think Fred was hurt by it at all – more just confused and a little taken back.

    Willow only sticks around for a couple of minutes after that and Fred is smiling as she leaves so I definitely didn't get a sense of any animosity or hurt feelings between them. I think it was more the writers playing a joke as they realised what a perfect match Willow and Fred would be and how well they’d get along (which they did) and they wanted to address the slashiness somehow. There were many hints throughout the episode that Willow had taken a liking to Fred;

    You seem exactly the same as when I left. No other major changes I'm not up on?

    (shrugs) Just little things. So, uh, Fred. What's her story?


    (touches Fred's chin, lifting it higher, smiling) You're good. Good bells.

    I definitely don't think Willow intended to come across in a mean way and I think Fred was just surprised rather than hurt.
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