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Never Fade Away

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  • Never Fade Away

    I found this story interesting. When I first saw NFA I was dissatisfied and wanted to know how it really ended. Going out before the battle? I thought that was insane. But as the years went by I think I've really come to understand the phrase "when nothing you do matters, all that matters is what you do". I think that it is a concept that comes with maturity and understanding how life just keeps on going, there never really is an end while you're breathing.

    Now I think the finale was bold and left the characters at their best. What did you think and has it changed over the years. Did the comic continuation impact your feelings on whether or not this was a cliffhanger?

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    Like you GoSpuffy I was disappointed with the ending when I first saw it. I wanted to know who lived and who died, what happened, and of course which vamp ended up with Buffy (I'm a shipper before anything else). But the more I thought about it and as time went on, I eventually realised that it was a great ending and really the only way it could have ended.

    I am still happy that we got the comic continuation, but I would have felt that way no matter how the show had ended.