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Newbies watching and reacting to AtS

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  • Newbies watching and reacting to AtS

    I couldn`t think of a better title for this thread -

    SpuffyGlitz and I are both watching AtS for the first time starting in season 1. This thread is for our general reactions and comments to each episode. Every one who also wants to watch the show for the first time is welcome to join us. Of course everybody else is also welcome to join into the discussion!

    SpuffyGlitz, do you want to start with AtS 1, episode 1? I have already made it up until episode 14 but I am going to wait for you to catch up and I also will be making comments on the epiosdes i have already watched.

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    Hey flow! Thanks for opening a thread for it!

    Don't hold back on my account - you could just put your thoughts on episode 14 in "spoiler" brackets if you want (until I catch up with episode 14.) Or not - that's fine too. (In that case I'll just avoid this thread till I reach episode 14, and post in the positives negatives thread instead.)
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      Please post here on all accounts. I want to give my thoughts about the first 14 episodes as well. I might have to go back to them though :-)

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        I'm really looking forward to hearing both of your thoughts as you go along and seeing your responses to the different characters. It'd be great if you post your chosen positive and negative from the eps in those threads as well. Seeing what one thing stood out to you the most for each will be interesting in a different way too.

        Whilst I know that you both will be aware of some things that happen to the characters through the seasons from discussions previously/elsewhere, I'll try to make sure I don't reference future developments beyond the episodes that you're discussing when I join you. It may be worth considering every now and then asking that people don't post spoilers if you are wanting to look to avoid them. Are either of you intending to watch to any specific timeframe?

        This is going to be great.


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          This is a wonderful idea for a thread. I love the series, so I am really looking forward to how you guys feel.
          Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.