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‘Angel’ Reunion: “We May Have Something In The Works”

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  • Originally posted by Stoney View Post
    Well I disagree about the comics of course , but putting that aside, I'm not convinced that the kamikaze option was the only way they could get out. If they were going to risk their lives and we believe that breaking their contracts would do that, then they could have just left and returned to fighting on the ground and regained their moral integrity. It would also have not risked the casualties that could be greater than just themselves by starting a war in the streets of LA. But it is a good while since I watched it so I might feel differently when I view it next.
    They establish in Home that dying doesn't necessarily break the contract anyway.

    What put me off about it isn't really the death mission, but that it was a pointless death mission and moreover a mission that would put hundreds, possibly thousands of lives in peril. Not just in LA but everywhere. What is to stop W&H from just going nuts and go after Angel's special people like they did Cordy in That Vision Thing?


    • All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

      New York Comic Con stuff: (hour-long panel) (2019, 10-05) (SYFY Wire) (2019, 10-06?) (Entertainment Weekly interview) (2019, 10-07?)

      I haven’t watched the hour-long panel yet, but the other 2 are great.

      - - - Updated - - -

      All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

      * (hour-long panel) (2019, 10-05)

      This is actually a great watch, if you have the time. I got some new info regarding some stuff.

      I find it surprising that it seems Amy Acker is more popular than Charisma Carpenter regarding these Angel panels. Amy has Root from Person of Interest --which I never saw past the series premiere. She says she gets recognized around "half and half" for Angel and Person of Interest .

      James says he gets recognized for Runaways as a "close second" to being recognized for Spike.


      • Amy was also one of the stars of the X-Men series,"The Gifted."


        • Originally posted by BAF View Post
          I know he was very unhappy with his season 4 story.
          Then he is a smart man. His season 4 vileness with CC makes me want to vomit. Had JM not come in for s5 I am not sure I would have watched it.

          They used his character (Connor) to cuckold his own father - and did it with the woman who had been the closest to a mother to him, not to mention the fact that he "read" as a child (a virgin). It reads like child sex abuse and an abuse of power. It is only after we are thorughly disgusted by "Cordy" that we learn the truth.

          Charisma was dealt a killing blow to her career and Vincent was the weapon. His character had such potential. Then he %=÷*+ his mom. I would hate it too. Glad he got to be sane and funny in season 5.

          It is to his credit he landed shows like Mad Men. Sadly, much as I adore pre seduction Cordelia, Charisma lacks the acting chops of the others. If she had not done that full on sex predator role, I bet she would have landed some nice sitcom where she could play herself (bitchy but with heart) instead of the minimal guest parts she has had.

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          Originally posted by vampmogs View Post
          Lilah and Lindsey may have been in the show more but Mercedes McNab/Harmony was actually in the main credits in AtS Season 5 so I don't think you can really say she was a side character. She was upgraded to the main cast that season the same way Spike/JM was.

          Based on that, she really should have been there as should have Marc Blucas for the BtVS Reunion. It'd also be nice for Mercedes as she's been part of the Buffyverse from the very beginning. And when I say the beginning I mean, like, the very beginning; she was even in the unaired pilot presentation.

          I'm actually not convinced that VK wasn't included because he's unpopular with fans. I mean, it could certainly be part of the reason, but it also may have to do with the fact that he made a lot of negative comments about the series, the crew who worked on it, and his character. I doubt he'd want to go (I'm incredibly surprised he ever agreed to reappear in AtS Season 5).
          I think he probably wanted to be remembered for something other than a sour faced boy who sleeps with the woman his father loves and then goes nuts and tries to kill her. His season 5 appearances leave me with the positive feelings I have for the character.

          I think he used what they gave him well. He is a fine actor and I think Connor ends up as a tragic, complicated character. I dont hate him, but I hate what they did with him.

          Season 4 (at least the arc with him and Cordy) was a major wrong turn for the show and permanently damaged both characters. I think it also factored into the cancelation of the series.

          Until that arc, I actually connected more with Angel (which I started watching first). I think when Joss started to juggle shows like dinner plates, something was bound to crash and burn. The world on fire motif was fitting. Had it been anyone but Joss, i doubt there would have been a season 5. James was a fortuitous distraction and lightened the darkness we ended with. Killing Jasmine was necessay, but the way Connor did it did not help us view him any more warmly. It was chilling.
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