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Doyle's absence from supplemental materials

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  • Doyle's absence from supplemental materials

    At this point, it's no secret that Joss Whedon had issues as a personnel manager. Granted, a lot of the evidence is actors' word against his, but there's an irritating piece of evidence that has nothing to do with their testimony: The near-complete absence of Doyle, and Glenn Quinn, from any S1 supplemental materials.

    It bothers me and always has. To some extent, I'm biased: I liked Doyle and missed him when he left the show. But I don't think I'm crazed on the subject: I can acknowledge that Glenn Quinn's problems likely made it necessary to fire him, and Alexis Denisof is never going to be a bad backup plan. Whether because Quinn couldn't show up to work on time or because the writers couldn't come up with a long-term storyline for Doyle, it was Joss and DG's prerogative to write Doyle off the show.

    What really bugs me is that the DVD special features don't even acknowledge that Doyle ever was a major character, despite the fact that he was in the main cast for 9 episodes, he gave Angel his mission, and he set Cordelia up with her visions. Any synopsis of season 1 is incomplete without it.Still, the special features try to do it! I can remember going through them, wanting to find out a little more about the creation of Doyle, and finding out instead that, as far as ME was concerned, he never existed. You can go through the package yourself and see that he's not there, although Joss does take time to note, in one retrospective, that the ensemble started to come together when they added Wes to the mix, which feels like both a sideways diss to both Quinn and viewers who enjoyed Doyle.

    Sure, it's a small thing, but it's one of those little things that count to fans. And no one's saying that they should've given extra attention to Doyle. It's just that, when the writers and cast (except for Quinn) are already seated for interviews, and you've got 9 episodes of footage right there, and every other main-cast character gets talked about, then it would've stood out less if they'd given a couple of minutes to Doyle's inspiration and development. As it is, Doyle's absence makes its own statement, and it isn't a nice one.
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