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  • 700 cases in Ontario today. Highest ever so far.

    The response so far? They closed down strip clubs and made last call at bars 11 PM.

    I'm supposed to start a new part time job soon but am waiting for a background check to clear online. If/when things shutdown again I have no idea when I'd get the background check mailed to me, or if my would-be employer would be open again.

    I also live with high-risk people so I'm debating whether I should even take it; it's mine if I want it but I haven't locked myself into the contract yet. But it could be the start of a dream career scenario.


    • GoSpuffy
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      Good luck. I hope it works out. Numbers are worrying

  • Thanks GoSpuffy. My background check actually did come in the mail today. So that's 1 thing done.


    • I'm happy to report that I received a job offer today. I was laid off April 3rd so it's been a long wait. I'm very happy with my new job. It's got great benefits and offers lots of time off. I work an extra half hour a day and in return get every second Friday off. Covid19 numbers are getting high in Quebec and Ontario but BC is still doing not bad. Not good, but certainly better than many other places. I'm worried a second wave is coming but trusting that our government is controlling it as much as these things can be controlled.

      “I like who I am when I’m with him. I like who we are together.”


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        Well done...knew you could do it!

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        Fabulous news, so happy to hear it!! Congratulations!

    • Well done. I hope it all goes well for you.


      • Trump has just been tested positive for COVID-19. His wife too.

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        • The posts through today on the news about Trump have fairly regularly stepped into what we feel has been quite an unpleasant tone for the forum. We are not trying to regulate your personal opinions but we are concerned with the effect how opinions are expressed can have on the overall atmosphere of the board. We appreciate that Trump is a very controversial person and a lot of people hold very strong negative opinions on him. But some people support him too. Whilst he isn't protected against rude comments and we are not vetoing negative opinions, we would still like to encourage people to be constructive in their posts and provide details and information rather than putting up posts that lean more to jeering or name calling. Consequently all posts that were single lines about the news on Trump, that didn't contain points for discussion, will be deleted.