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2016 United States Presidential Election.

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    All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

    AOC is fantastic, albeit I don't follow her on Twitter, Instragram, etc.; nevertheless, I hardly ever visit Twitter and/or Instagram.

    I used to occasionally watch The Young Turks back when I was in college but hadn't seen it since. I'm now a subscriber specifically because of how instrumental they were in getting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to win her primary and thus become a member of the United States House of Representatives. Overall, listening to the Young Turks podcast and reading The New Yorker makes me better informed than if I were to spend around ANY time watching cable or network news and reading more of the New York Times and Washington Post.


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      I've only watched the Young Turks once, and pertaining to the thread's main subject. It was not the worst time I've ever had watching YouTube.
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        All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

        * I listen to The Young Turks podcast.

        I stopped by to say Knock Down the House on NetFlix is excellent.

        * I support US Senator Bernie Sanders. I'm skeptical if US Senator Elizabeth Warren could beat US President Donald Trump in the US Presidential General Election Debates.

        Vice President Joseph Biden is kinda a lesser version of US Senator Kamala Harris.

        * The US and the Democratic Party have 'moved left' since 2016 C.E. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are no longer 'Progressive'. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are 'Progressive'.

        Medicare For All and free public college (for useful degrees) is simply sensible.


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          All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

          * US Senator Kamala Harris is essentially out of the race. ‘Mayor Pete’ has racial problems that the Mainstream Media for some reason isn’t addressing. They try to paint Black people not supporting ‘Mayor Pete’ as being probably homophobic. ‘Mayor Pete’ has real problems in South Bend, Indiana. Black people are generally correct not to support him over others in the US Presidential Democratic Primaries.

          * US Senator Elizabeth Warren is doing better in the Debates and she’s putting out good plans. I have more confidence in her against US President Donald Trump or Mike Pence. But US Senator Bernard Sanders polls better than her against Trump and would probably be better in debates.

          * I don’t like the idea of US Senator Sanders possibly actually being anti-billionaire. I currently lean toward US Senator Warren’s positions—especially regarding foreign policy.

          * Michael Bloomberg would get crushed by US President Trump. It’s easily argued Bloomberg is much less of a Democrat than former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and it’s easily argued Schwarzenegger was a better Governor than Bloomberg was a Mayor.

          * US Vice President Joseph Biden is possibly somehow a worse candidate than Hilary Clinton was. He also doesn’t get big crowds. And his fundraising is somehow worse than former ‘nobodies’.

          * I consider it irrational for the very rich and the very wealthy to openly oppose things like US Senator Elizabeth Warren’s wealth taxes and such.

          John D. Rockefeller gave most of his wealth to charity and founded the University of Chicago. Andrew Carnegie established a bunch of libraries and such. Cornelius Vanderbilt left a legacy of charity. These were some of the greatest businesspeople in history. William Gates is giving away most of his money and is still only semi-liked by the general public. Those others are still mostly considered robber barons, but they aren’t completed hated because of all the charity.

          Living in a bubble is simply that. “I need a few extra hundred million, billion, etc.; so, you cannot have health care, higher education, social security, etc.”

          George Washington was a very rich man and he used that wealth to personally finance part of the Continental Army. Michael Bloomberg simply used his wealth to essentially buy elections and again wants to try to buy his way in the US Presidency.


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            Right there with you. By and large Warren has a pretty god place in the polls, and I suspect that she will do well in the early states. I supported Bernie last time around, and I loathe the DNC for what they did. This time around I'd say Warren is the only adult in the race. Medicare for all is a nice concept, but I doubt it's gonna happen because congress would have to sign off on it. In fact all of her plans are going to require negotiations with congress. Even if Democrats attain the majority in both houses there will be compromises. However shje is the only candidate who is approaching this as a job interview rather than a beauty pageant.
            Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.