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    Originally posted by EvilVampire View Post
    I see.

    From what I read in the Wikipedia article and a couple other sources I got to from there and a quick Google search, it appears (first impression, though) to be a scam, ala Scientology (though not necessarily as willing to use threats and the like as Scientologists are).

    If that first impression is correct, it's very unlikely that they'll go on a killing spree/mass suicide, etc., or generally promote violence (that would be really bad for business!), but if he gets into it, he might lose a lot of money.

    Maybe you should suggest that he take a look at their leader's history, copyright claims, etc.
    From what I found online there was a splinter group that sounded dangerous, but the woman who leads the original cult (JZ Knight) sued her for the copyright and won. My friend is with the original group.

    I agree that he'll probably lose a bit of money, though the sect does not ask membership fees, they just offer somewhat expensive seminars and sell their books an cds.
    They don't seem as oppressive as scientology. I didn't find a source that said it was hard to quit if you wanted to.


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      I believe in God without a doubt. I have had many prayers answered and shared some pretty amazing experiences with Jesus. A relationship with Jesus is what we are all called to and it's such a personal thing that until you experience it for yourself (Which anyone can do if they pray and ask) it's really hard to describe the emmense power.

      I believe that The Bible is the total truth despite our lack of insight and understanding with some of the things written. I honestly believe that God does not reveal everything to a person at once, we couldn't handle that much truth, but little by little the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth. What a kind and loving God we serve.

      Whosoever Shall Call Upon the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved!


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        I'm Atheist. I do not believe in God, Satan, Heaven or Hell.

        I will never criticize someone for their religious beliefs, but it just isn't for me. I don't want to live my life trying to please someone else, someone who, at the end of the day, might not even exist. I don't want to walk on a tight rope my whole life just on the off chance that God and Heaven might exist, just so that I guarantee myself a place in 'his kingdom'.

        If, on the day I die, I find out that God/Heaven/Hell do, in fact, exist, I will salute that God, turn on my heel and saunter quite happily down to Hell. Because I will know that I have lived my life the way I wanted to live it, and I will have no regrets.
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          I am not religious and do not believe in mythical beings suchs as gods and vampires and zombies. I am however in love with literature, in particular ancient Greek and Roman. I love the gods in works such as the Iliad and the Aeneid. Diana, Jupiter and the rest fire my imagination. Although too often they were used to fix troubled plots. But that is what we have.

          I am not fond of the Biblical God. That god is overly cruel and petty. Actually stark raving mad is a better description. I read the Bible in full from Genesis to Revelation and prefer the Iliad.

          I also should state I dislike monotheisms. The history of monotheism is one of hatred and xenophobia. This is shown from its beginnings in Egypt to the birth of Christianity and Islam. It is not possible for every human to believe the same ideal. This to me proves the non existence of a wise god. And I tend to side with the Chinese who asked the Missionaries "If all non believers go to Hell, why did your Jesus wait so long to inform the Chinese?"
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            I am a militant atheist and a skeptic. I do not have a belief in god for any reason other than having been educated about the universe and various things that others might see God in. It's called the 'God of the Gaps'. The more you know, the less reason to believe a god(s) did it. The less you know, the more chance that you'll believe in a deity.

            The universe does not suggest itself to needing, nor having a God within it, or controlling it and thus the rational deduction is that there isn't one.

            If someone needs god to tuck them in at night, then I'd suggest a really good science book instead. They'll get more out of the book.