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HTML is turned off for security reasons.

Please do not use html in your posts or messages. If you are copy and pasting something from another website and you are having problems with it showing, then it may have html in it. This could be in the form of a website link or a viewable image or an emoji or a special chacter. I am not sure this is the reason we have errors posting.

Some html code can be simply swapped with our Bulletin Board code by changing the greater than/ less than signs with bracket signs. Other BB code needs to done using the buttons in the advanced post editor.
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Home Page

The home page address has changed to:
Please update your bookmark. Otherwise, the home page does not show you are logged in and/or will not let you type into the log in box in the top right. The link at to the forums has not yet been updated. So you will experience the error when you enter the forum through that link.
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Welcome to Party Central!

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Welcome to Party Central!

    Hi everyone

    Two years ago today BuffyForums opened its doors to everyone.

    It's been an even better year than last.. we become so popular even the spam bots took interest in us

    I just want to share with you how well we’ve done:

    - 3,153 members in total, 1800 that have visited in the last 30 days (more than double from last year)
    - On average 180 members visit everyday (up from 110 last year!)
    - On average 9 new members join everyday (discounting the spammers and up from 2 last year!)
    - Between 700 and 900 posts are made everyday
    - Between 9 and 18 threads are started everyday

    The community is very much growing and everyone has played their part, hence party time I hope you all get to enjoy this section for the duration of the party!

    If you have any questions please ask in here and don’t forget to sign the Roll Call Thread on your way out, we want a keepsake of every member who enjoyed this party

    Have fun and thank you for your part in making BuffyForums the success it is