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    Well, most of my time is spent in Smallville/Supernatural/Hereos, you may have noticed that it looks like I haven't been there for a bit but I have, just been lurking, since Supernatural started up again I may be posting my reviews from Australia. My other comfort zone is Other shows and occasionally General Buffy discussion.

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      Well, like a lot of you above, I'm a total fanart whore! I can't stay away! Fan art is like life to me!

      Of course, Buffy, Angel, Other Shows, Buffy S8 and Angel S6 take up a lot of my time, too!

      VIP land is my lifeline - always can count on a smile from my buds there!

      As you can tell, BF is my online refuge, sanctuary and essential daily cure for whatever ails me!

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        Yup, yup! The fanart community here is much love It's the one section I cannot go a day without checking, even in those horrible times where posts are few and far between. I'm sure that most of my posts are in the VIP chat threads, but fanart is the area where most of my thought and work goes- actually making something, and then posting feedback for other artists (or you know, trying to set a record for longest challenge post ever )

        Out of all the other sections, my favorite is definitely Smallville. It helps fill the void of losing Buffyworld's Veronica Mars section (it would completely fill the hole, if I had a Clark/Chloe thread for me to haunt You know, as an almost replacement for the LoVe thread? Or Chloe/Ollie...whatever!)
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          I had stated this earlier in a funnier fashion but I guess I'll just state it how it is. My little nest is in the games and Buffy sections. It's where most of my peeps hang so I'm able to talk to them whenever. There's a certain bunch of us who are constant in the games section and we've all gotten to know eachother pretty well. Some more than others. All of us know what eachother's favorite episodes are and the way we vote on things so we'll call on eachother when we need some help with a certain game being played. It's a tight knit little group but we always welcome more gamers so if you want to come on over and join in on the fun we're always there to participate with you. (You know one of us gamers had to plug the section come on now ) I do jump around the forum these days. More so to the Old Shows section and the fanart section but I wouldn't consider myself an avid poster there yet. Maybe in the future. So yeah that's where I'm at if ya ever need to find me.
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            What I like about the forum is the fanart section, fanfic section, the threads for Smallville and Supernatural and the VIP. Thoughly lately- I've been looking forward to reading the responses to specific episodes in the Supernatural thread. They're well written.

            And everyone rocks in the VIP. Its always good to chat with everyone throughout different parts of the world.
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              Hahaha I've joked with people that while I am familiar with a lot of the VIP people, I will never make it myself because I'm such a lurker. I work a lot and don't get as much time to really browse and post as much as I would like. But anyone who knows me knows where my heart lies. The entire reason I joined BWF was for the fanart challenges. After the shows ended, the challenge sites really died out, and challenges have always been one of my main muses, and pushed me to do more, and try more. I was lost without challenges. I think it was Dana who recommended me to join the forum, so I did, and the rest is less than thrilling history. I used to enter almost every fanart challenge, I don't have the time that I would like to make art anymore, but I am still a regular in the art community and I enter as often as possible. Without the fanart challenges section, I might not have met some of the people that make my online world go round (like Bre, Lyn, and Joe. Dana, don't say anything, I've known your silly self since like 2004, so it was LONG before any forum joining of any kind.)

              Anyway. Long story... long. You can always find me stepping out of my lurker-ness to enter fun and interesting challenges.

              and in other news, I must say, though I don't get to post often. I am a stalker of Vampmogs who always has the most insightful, well thought out, and awesome things to say on any subject. I'm just sayin.
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