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BAMF girls club with Buffy, Katniss, Hermione, Lisbeth, Michonne, and... Bella?!

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  • BAMF girls club with Buffy, Katniss, Hermione, Lisbeth, Michonne, and... Bella?!

    Comediva's Youtube comedy video series "BAMF Girls Club" has reached its 4th episode. Apparently it's a parody of a reality show called "Bad Girls Club", shot as a reality show with Buffy, Hermione Granger, Katniss Everdeen, Lisbeth Salander, Michonne (The Walking Dead) and Bella Swann moving into one house and having to be roommates. Of course, the first question you're going to ask is "How the heck is Bella a BAMF?!" but they acknowledge this with their title ("BAMF Girls Club - Hermione, Katniss, Lisbeth, Buffy, Michonne and... Bella?!") and they're constantly made fun of her non-BAMFness.

    Most of the "episodes" so far have been dominated by Hermione (granted, the actress is really funny), and Buffy hasn't had that much screentime, but they said in the comments she'll have more. So far she's had the most in episodes 1 and 4, and the bonus "BAMG Girls gossip" episode.

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3 - featuring Arya Stark

    Episode 4

    BAMF Girls Bonus Gossip (this one has the inevitable scene with Buffy and Bella comparing notes on.... err, you know what )
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    I've been watching this each week. Usually these things make me cringe but this is actually really good. It can be very funny and the actresses are all very talented. The way they pay out Bella is hillarious (especially the scene with the spider) but they poke fun at all the characters and its all in good spirit.

    The actress who plays Hermoine probably is the best so I can see why she's been the main focus so far, but it'll be nice to see them focus on the other characters a bit more.
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