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    Eeep! I'm currently on a rewatch of S5 of Angel and one of my fav baby names came up

    It's Eli.

    However the character is only in the ep for about 30 seconds when he speaks with Harmony and then has his head cut off by Angel!! I think the ep is Harm's Way.

    Do you think that counts???
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      All of this talk of Buffyverse names and it makes me so proud to actually be a Cassie

      I actually never even think of my name as a Buffyverse name...

      For girl's names I love Willow, Tara, April (though, I didn't like her character but I think the name is very pretty).
      For boy's names I like Connor, Wesley, Xander, Ethan (again though, hate the character), I also don't mind Clem to be honest! Oh and someone mentioned Eli, which I think is such a cool name and it totally counts!

      Congrats by the way, I'm sure whichever name you choose will be lovely!
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        Firstly congratulation!

        Now for names: For boys, I find this names interesting I'll try not to repeat the names people already suggested you

        Adam, Robin, Andrew, Robert, Jesse (could be a girl's name as well), Hank, Jonathan, Devon, Larry, Willy, Scott, Richard, Allan, Quentin, Percy, Dalton, Luke, Sid, Allen, Lee, Nathan, Gavin, Marcus, Billy (could be a girls name as well), Roger, David, Dennis, Eddie, Sam, Trevor.

        Now for the girls names...

        Maggie, Joyce, Jenny, Amy, Lily, Anne, Olivia, Cecily, Katrina, Amanda, Shannon, Chloe, Eve, Genevieve, Janice, Kathy, Lydia, Nikki, Sandy, Kate, Nina, Jasmine, Alonna, Trish, Dana, Gwen, Justine, Virginia.

        Hope this helps you!