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Angel and Spike (and Captain Mal) in the TV's Best Bad Boy competition

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    I watch VD and enjoy it but the idea that lots happens is news to me. Unless King just really enjoys all the social functions they feel the need for the quaint stereotypical committee to arrange ad nauseum!!! I think they only do it as a vampire buffet organisation because, lo and behold, something always goes wrong. Damon's great, I know VD books came first, but it is like someone took a shadow of Spike and just decided there was no need to dig into character development at all, coz he's edgy and attractive and that's enough. Spike is just so much more (and is more attractive), there isn't a competition in terms of character development and depth. VD doesn't really do that at all, unless perhaps it was going to be the successful development of a new and startlingly off the wall punch recipe or a talent for hanging bunting or the ability to create crepe paper flower arrangements.


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      I like VD, very much. I dare say I love it. I just don't care much for Damon! I guess the extreme fangirlism for him since Ian Somerhalder first showed his face (and eyebrows and crazy- eye acting) onscreen has turned me off more than the character itself, who I have problems with anyway. I guess it's the same thing some anti-Spike fans claim to have experienced with Spike's fans LOL Apparently now I'm on the other side of the barricade!

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        We didn't manage to make an upset - Damon has won:

        Which Bad Boy do you prefer? (Poll Closed)
        Spike (James Marsters), Buffy the Vampire Slayer 47.63%

        Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), The Vampire Diaries 52.37%

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        Not a bad showing considering TVD's popularity and fanbase and the fact it's a current show.
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          Deeply frustrating when one is a shadow of the other. I don't know the other semi finalists (Neal Caffrey 'White Collar', Chuck Bass 'Gossip Girl') but I'd be surprised if Damon should win overall because he just has a bad boy attitude, he never really does anything (as opposed to a pretty psychotic Stefan). I think what King always says is true of Spike has actually become a fairer assessment of Damon who wins for the larger current online presence rather than for the poll topic. I can't complain too much because, as much as I think Spike is a million times more a 'bad boy', I would vote for him to win virtually anything. Oh well, we can always try again next time.


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            I don't like in TVD the fact, that there are too many characters in this show. Do you notice that in every single episode some of them can't even show. For example there were an episode where Karoline, or Mat do not show on screen. They don't have time to develop all the characters. Also, TVD is not deep enough for me , like BTVS is. May be BTVS is a hero show, but the problems about real life are very realistic . The dialogue and the humor are so great.
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              Disappointing. TVD is so hollow. It is Lady Gaga to BTVS's John Coltrane.

              I have begun watching the Buffy series again since reading Mark's reviews. Again I am stunned at the depth of the series. I have been watching marathon showings. (am home with pneumonia and have loads of time) Am already into season 7. Buffy just stabbed Anya.

              BtVS has incredible depth and complexity. Spike alone was incredible..the journey that character took. As did Cordelia. Let alone the journey of Willow. I have seen this show before and still it blows my mind. I have read the world's greatest literature, Tolstoy, Vergil, Stendahl and the rest, and this television show compares. Astounding.
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