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Buffy show cancelation, reboot questionaire

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  • Buffy show cancelation, reboot questionaire

    Here is a questionaire for my university about you the fans of Buffy and the idea of a new series of Buffy. I would kindly appreciate if you could fill it in.


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    Originally posted by Stoney
    Done, but there were some questions that may give you some problems as they don't have enough options...

    5) How often do you watch The show?
    I had to go with monthly but my answer would have been annually (I rewatch the whole thing over a couple of months.)
    Definitely agree with that.

    Also, the 'favorite character' question should have an 'other' option, with an option to add your favorite character if it's not on the list. As neither my very favorite character nor my second favorite character were on the list, I was forced to go with my third favorite.
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