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  • Adorably fun stuff! Read and watch!

    Hey guys I was on Newgrounds and found all these adorable Buffy related flashes. The animation is cheap but quirky and kinda cute
    Be warned the stories are random and I have yet to figure out where in continuity they could take place but I'm thinking season 4 (or maybe 2 cause of some stuff that happens) Or maybe they just like that pairing, at least the idea of it

    The first one is random but funny and kinda cool
    Maybe I should say they are all random but the game But the game is still kinda random.

    This is part one of a story about a sword and Buffy trying to keep it safe

    This is a continuation of the story above. Be warned! It is kinda of sad

    And last but not least the game! This game is F-U-N! It's hack n slash. You play as Buffy, Xander, and Willow in the main story but you can play as everyone shown in the main story in a thing called Slayer Patrol. Xander is obviously my favorite to play as!

    I hope everyone enjoys this stuff as much as I did!

    Hey guys sorry for the double post but I have another funny Buffy related video to share! I don't know if anyone has seen this one before but I couldn't stop laughing

    Make sure to watch for Buffy and Angel!

    There are tons of vampire characters in this
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