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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

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  • The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

    So, who here likes the Batman movies?
    The Next movie called The Dark Knight Rises will surellly be awesome.

    And here's the Teaser Trailer:
    What do you all think?

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    I'm intrested to see the conculsion of the nolanversed batman, I really liked Tom Hardy playing a real life brash and sorta brawn person in Bronson.. him as bane might actually work out really well., Anne Hathaway.. well that remains to have me see how it;s going to work out., I first was skeptical about Ledger thinking it was over hyped but I was wrong let's just hope I'm wrong aggain with A.H. I personally also like Nolan's ideas in films as well, I've become something of a fan of his non batman films.
    "It's Morph'in Time!"


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      I've watched some of his other movies, but besides inception i only watched Insomnia.
      I kinda find it strange that they're not promoting Catwoman, she's one of the most famous characters, almost as famous as Batman and the joker, they're even doing this with Batman: Arkham City.
      While i allways liked Bane i doubt many people remember him.


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        And now it's almost there... I can't wait.


        Soundtrack (by Zimmer) Preview:

        2 hours and 45 minutes

        Spoilers/Rumors/Comic knowledge:
        -Catwoman will be more of an ally than an enemy. Her goggles look like cat ears when she doesn't use them.
        -In Bane's most famous story he breaks Batman's back. In most trailers Bruce is seen walking with a stick, looks like Bane will certainly hurt him badly as well in the movie.
        -It's rumored that Marion Cotillard doesn't play Miranda Tate but Thalia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra's Al Ghul (played by Liam Neeson in the trilogy).
        -Ellen Page is rumored to play Barbara Gordon. (Most famous of all Batgirls and Oracle.) It's not confirmed if she is actually in the movie though, or they keep it a secret or the rumor is false.
        -Little is known about Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character John Blake. Except that he is a cop. But some suspect that John Blake is actualy Dick Grayson, especially after the Robin easter eggs in the first trailer. But since Nolan doesn't like the Batfamily, most fans don't think he will be Robin or Nightwing. Could be that he picks up the cowl if something happens to Bruce Wayne.
        -The test screencing audience is very positive and rumor has it that the end is very emotional.

        Any more people looking forward to it?


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          Finally saw it, loved it.
          The ending was indeed very emotional, while many didn't like how long the film was i actually liked that, it made the movie feel grand and epic, i'm shure it must have been a blast watching it in IMAX.

          However i do feel that the twist was too late in the movie for me to completelly care, and the main vilain didn't have a very good death.

          Wish good luck for Nolan in his future movies, and to the next director that will have the very difficult task of properly rebooting this franchise again, they will have very big shoes to fill.


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            Why don't you post it in the new The Dark Knight Rises thread, instead of resurrecting the thread about the trailer?
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