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    I'm so flattered to hold onto the 6th Best Artist of the Year Award for 2 years in a row!

    Thank you so much to everyone that voted!!! This award means the world to me and I'm so very glad you all have enjoyed my work in the past years as I seem to make so little of it these days. You all inspire me, and I can only hope I can do the same for you!

    I'd like to extend my shout outs to the ever dominating Zugma, Aureola, Jenni Lou, Bre, and JJ! Your work is perfection and make me strive to do better in my own art. I am constantly jealous that I don't possess your skills. and I bow before all of you!
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      I can't even begin to fathom how my name is up there among all you fine people - year in and year out, the fanart community continues to grow and change and develop and it's so freaking amazing to even be included in this...

      THANK YOU to those who voted for me! I'm just like... How? When? Where? Who? What? Thank you!

      And congratulations to EVERYONE! I don't even know how I picked! I mean, serioulsy: Destiny, SJ, Zugma, Erin, Dee, Clement, Aureola, J.j., Leca, JL, Buffylover, Lyri, Amber, Firecracker, Lyn... NEED I GO ON? You guys are all such inspirations to me and it's just gosh darn glorious to even be in your company.


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        So far I've only been in this thread and the Best Wallpaper of 2012 thread and I'm just like Thanks for all of the shoutouts you guys. And for apparently voting for me enough times to get a best artist award. I guess I have a few more threads to see before I notice the impact I've made.

        Originally posted by Pandora's_Box View Post
        OMG I'm so glad for you Stacy, I'm amazed by how much and how fast your art grew!!
        Congrats sweety, you deserve it!!
        Aww, thanks babe!
        Originally posted by little albatross View Post
        YES STACY! See I knew I'd feel embarrassed if I kept listing everybody, because I'd forget someone! She always does something fun and interesting.
        Thanks Jj! I'm glad my random wallpapers are considered interesting to someone. :highfives:
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          I'm in the top 10.... and tied with a master of light: Elle. And some really kind things said in this thread. Thank you! (Also awesome award!)

          I can't say I've not the same top 5, only the order is slightly different.

          Zugma was number 1 on my list because she is all round the best photoshop artist that I know. Her stuff looks always good but every single one of them has an unique concept and look. And her work always looks so smooth and clean, no small mistakes or hiding an imperfection under a texture. Her work is fantastic and she really deserves to win best artist.

          My second place was for JJ, she has such a unique own style. And her wallpapers have always great coloring, beautiful lighting and her talent for composition.
          Also I love how she often picks things to art that others don't art; a ballet or a movie like 'Stardust'.

          And Jenni Lou was also third on my list, because I still don't know how she does it.... but those wallpapers with a billion caps. How is that even possible? Also her art always looks flawless, no blending mistakes (despite the many pictures) always daring coloring (harsh and full colors) and still no pixel, no noise. And also every wallpaper looks unique, I always love that about JL's work...

          And I wanted to do a shout-out to Buffylover who ended number 7 on my list, mostly because I felt others did more diverse work and showed more. But I love how he makes his own resources every single time for his wallpapers and also the most concepts are very daring and personal. I hope he finds more time to do art again, because his art is truly one of a kind.


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            I´ve just spend most of my morning going through all the posts and this is my final stop.My eyes stink,my head hurts from all the scrolling and reading...scrolling and reading...scrolling and...well you know... also my mouth hurts too because of all the smiling and squealing but regardless this is the best morning EVER!Thank you so much for all the amazing awards especially this one.I´m pretty sure I´m still dreaming cause there´s no way I could be in the 10th place.I seriously need someone to pinch me right now!Thank you SO MUCH guys I´m the happiest girl on the planet right now.

            So thanks again to all amazing artists for their lovely awards,thank you guys for all your votes and congratulations to everyone who won an award....or didn´t because you guys are all WINNERS!Every single piece nominated this year was pure perfection and I can´t believe someone can make something so unique and outstanding in Photoshop.You guys ROCK!


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              First of all, congrats to every single one of you guys, all of the awards are so, so well deserved and I had such a hard time deciding on my votes Well, I also have to thank Zugma for making every category that tiny bit easier for me, because she always takes care of the first place I really hope you never ever stop with fanart, because I'm like a little kid at christmas every time I see you have an art update. And also, for purely selfish reasons - LOKI!!!

              I'm also super happy to see Sharonalee, Sunny, Leca and Bre You guys are amazing Also Nina, Clement and Buffylover (I completely agree with Nina on this - I wish you'd do more art, it's so unique every single time) and the rock stars - Erin Nicole, Jenni Lou, Sayjay, JJ, Holypotatoes... and Sophie, who I'd love to see around some more so much! I feel like I keep forgetting names, I go back and every time I realised I missed someone (Lyri and Mara! Elle! ) - it was so much fun with you guys this year and I hope that we keep this arting thing going for a long, long time

              And of course - thanks to all of you who voted for me, I still don't really believe that I would score number 7 among all of you guys

              In the end, we all are who we are, no matter how much we may appear to have changed.


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                Originally posted by Destiny View Post
                and Sophie, who I'd love to see around some more so much!
                Aww thank you

                Originally posted by little albatross View Post
                and I mentioned it in another thread, but I found Sophie's work to be a delight to see when I was voting. after that, i'm definitely looking out for more!
                Aww thank you so much

                Congrats to all of you! You're all ao talented, you amaze me every time I look at one of your pieces.

                But special shout outs to jennilou, elle, zugma, sayjay, aureola, jj, destiny, sunnywill, nina and ben who were my top 10! But you all deserved it


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                  No Way! I got 11th!!!! thank you so much for voting for me xD and congrats to all the other winners!!! I can't believe I'm up there with you talented people.

                  I found this one so hard to vote for I changed my votes like 20 times I just couldn't fit everyone in so congrats to everyone who didn't place because all the artwork was phenomenon this year, I'm sure I wasn't the only one having difficulty picking only 15 to vote for.

                  my top five were, the "we're not worthy" Zugma, Aureola, SayJay, Bre and Sharonalee

                  But I can't believe some of the amazing work that came out of the last two years the new ideas, the great cross over work, and the skill that was shown in this year's ceremony was just mind blowing.

                  Originally posted by little albatross View Post
                  Demetreas, I've admired your work for a long time. There's something about the overall finish, the feel of your pieces that I love and never quite figured out how to get.
                  aww thanks JJ you are too kind! p.s. I call it the I have no more gradients left it must be finished look lol. but I wish I had your vision and ideas, I love the composition of your work and the use of colours each one is so unique and brilliant.
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                    I have no idea what I did to deserve this, not just the FIRST PLACE (OMG!) but the shower of loveliest comments. I think it's got to be something in my previous life. Also I had several hours to think of a response to this, and I am still too stunned and on the verge of crying Thank you, thank you, thank you!

                    (But seriously, all of you guys grew up and evolved so much during last couple of years, while I mostly played with same old things - I don't feel I made half of your progress!!)

                    My top 10 were Jenni Lou, JJ, Aureola, Destiny, Erin Nicole, Sayjay, Nina, Buffylover, Holypotatoes, and Ehlwyen. I, too, had to use a pen and piece of paper to count and decide... and I still ended up torn and unhappy because I LOVED THE OTHER ARTISTS TOO and wanted to vote for them as well. %( I really wished it had been possible to give same amount of points at least to two artists at once!

                    For me, fanart is quite a big part of my life - my favorite hobby and creative outlet and even a kind of therapy, I guess. But I don't just mean making it; seeing beautiful fanart is, for me, one of the biggest delights. So I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you guys for creating this amazing creative, inspiring enviroment, for sharing your talent and your work and just making the internet a place worth going to! You are awesome and you make my days.

                    And, of course, thank you Sayjay for my stylish award!
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