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    Originally posted by Ehlwyen View Post
    Shout outs also Buffylover! Love love love this one of yours! the cutouts and the light colors particularly make this wall so exquisite.
    WOW, Thank you Lyn! for the awesome feedback! it means a lot especially coming from one of my main inspiration in fanart!

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      First of all, thank you so much for the placement and the jaw-dropping award (Stacy, )! And Sophie and Sayjay, your awards are so beautiful too!

      Originally posted by Pandora's_Box View Post
      OMG that award Stacy!! Gorgeous!!

      Congrats to everyone, especially Sharonalee, wonderful piece...
      I mean you zugma'd Zugma, which is like, the biggest achievement for a fanartist

      Originally posted by Aureola View Post
      small ukrainian happydance: ура-ура! My biggest congrats to sharonalee, I'm really happy your wall took first, it is fantastic and totally deserves it, was first in my list too. Also shout outs to buffylover and Zugma - my favs
      *joins the patriotic happydance* Да-да-да! I second this so hard! Sharonalee, that Hal/Henry V wall was outstanding and it absolutely deserved the first place, other pieces really didn't have a chance. Congrats, dear, I'm very happy to see that you won!

      My other favorites were Sayjay, Erin Nicole, Aureola, Destiny and Jenni Lou And shout out to Kiera
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        CONGRATS EVERYONE! My tops for this one were Destiny, SJ, J.j., Buffylover and the amazing Zugma!


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          Let's hear it for the winners!! WOOT!!
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            Thank you so much for the lovely Runner Up award, and to Sophie for designing it. That wallpaper and character mean a lot to me (for anyone who watches SOA they may understand) and I'm so honored to have received this award for it.

            Congrats to all the other winners especially Sayjay, Sharonalee, and Jenni Lou who were among my top 3!