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18. >>> Group 4: Drama/Comedy - Episodic

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  • 18. >>> Group 4: Drama/Comedy - Episodic


    This is the eighteenth set of awards for tonight and we're heading back to the drama and comedy series!!! This time, we're looking at the best epiodic wallpapers for these series, featuring a dizzying array of scenes from the sweet to the intense!

    We had 21 nominees in this category, and now have our top five places all picked out with fab awards below and another five runners up! Are you ready??


    AND THE WINNERS ARE............

    Best Comedy/Drama Series Episodic Wallpaper

    1st Place

    Aureola - The One Who Put It There with 224 points.
    This award was designed by Sayjay.

    2nd Place

    Destiny - Thanks with 189 points.
    This award was designed by Lyri.

    3rd Place

    Buffylover - When Darkness Turns with 169 points.
    This award was designed by Bre.

    4th Place

    JJ - Not Halfway Between with 167 points.
    This award was designed by Destiny.

    5th Place

    Jennilou - Bite Me with 157 points.
    This award was designed by Stacy.

    Runners Up

    Runner up awards by: JJ

    Sayjay - The Battle with 132 points.

    Holypotatoes - She's Broken, He's Okay with 130 points.

    Sunnywill - I'm Sorry with 129 points.

    Elle - Little Matter with 95 points.

    Leca - Expecting with 86 points.


    NEXT STOP ON THIS AFA TOUR: 19. >>> Group 5: Other Medium - 2011!!
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    Art by Sayjay at Radiance

  • #2
    congratulations to the winners.

    award designers you are on fire! there should be an award, awarded to the best award!
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    • #3
      JJ's awards are the best! WOWZA! holypotaoes, Leca and SunnyWill were my top picks. But there was certainly lots of pretty to go around.
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      • #4
        Congrats to the winners! Amazing awards!


        • #5
          Aureola and JJ, these awards work juuuuust fine!

          Congrats to the winners, my top was: Destiny, Elle (I find you to be under-ranked in many categories ) and Jenni!


          • #6
            God those awards!!! Congrats everybody!! My tops were holypotatoes, destiny and sayjay


            • #7
              JJ I heart your awards and am so glad I snagged one, tee hee hee!!!

              JJ was my first, aureola second, followed by jennilou, lyri and amber!!
              Art by Sayjay at Radiance


              • #8
                Congrats to all!
                My top-3 picks were spot on: Aureola, Destiny, and Buffylover


                • #9
                  Yay! First! Thank you everyone who voted, guys
                  Jj, your award designs are super-fantastic as well as your piece in this category (well, as well as mostly all of your works), that was #1 in my voting list
                  Also shout outs to Destiny and Sayjay, whose pieces were also at my top-3 list


                  • #10
                    Lovely Aureola! Very striking composition! Other top shout outs to JJ for her her powerful VM wall! And Jo your I scream your name is one of my favorite entires in this years AFAs! So much to love in it!

                    Lydia made the punch!


                    • #11
                      Omfg, J.J.! What is that award?! Pure perfection, it's so awesome! Congratulations to the winners! My tops were Aureola (YES), holypotatoes, Jo, Buffylover and Brittany!


                      • #12
                        Glad to see Aureola winning first place in this one, it was such an amazing piece. Also congrats to the other deserving winners of course. And very pretty awards you all, great work.
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                          Congratulations, you guys!!
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                          • #14
                            Congrats to all the lovely winners and your amazing awards! My favorite design in this category is JJ's!

                            Also, shout outs to Aureola, JJ, and Holy Potatoes for taking my top 3!