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    3rd are you kidding me! Congrats to everyone and for the stunning awards they are so beautiful!

    I have to shout out to my top 5 Jenni Lou, Zugma, Destiny (I have to say I'm not a spike fan but your piece was soo good!!!) Nina and Sayjay
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      Wow, I can't believe I got the first place in this nomination, I was expecting maybe a runner up or a place towards the very bottom. The only reason I nominated this wall was because I had nothing else. There were SO MANY amazing entries! I honestly thought Destiny's, Dee's, Erin's, Sunnywill's, Jenni Lou's, JJ's... pretty much everyone's I voted for... - were a lot better and more creative than mine. o_O Well! Whan can I say, thank you! I'm stunned, but yeah. Thank you very much!

      And Sayjay, thank you especially for that Doyle award, it's gorgeous and, well, it has Doyle in it.
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