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    Thank you so much for the 5th place award and to SayJay for designing it! It was fun to do a Regina piece and I'm so glad you all liked it!

    Congrats to all the winners, especially Zugma, Destiny, Sayjay, Nina, and Jenni Lou who were all in my top 5!

    Originally posted by Pandora's_Box View Post
    Those who don't vote for Tyrion, just never watched Game of's as simple as that!
    Tyroin is definitely a favorite of mine in Game of Thrones (both in the books and tv series), but when it comes to a vote off Dean Winchester always wins my heart!

    Originally posted by little albatross View Post
    LMAO, it's okay, the show doesn't even know she exists anyway.
    Seriously, what is wrong with the writers for not using such an awesome character more in the storylines?!

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      Such an excellent category! Congratulations to the winners (I sincerely cannot get over these awards, how are they so beautiful? Erin, SJ, Lyri, Sara... amazing award workage!). My tops in this category were Michelle, Destiny, Clement, Lady Manson and SJ!


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        Thank you for my award, Lyri! And to everyone who voted! This was the only wallpaper I had that fit into this category, it's very cool to see that it won.

        My top five were Sayjay, Nina, Erin Nicole, Sunnywill, and Jenni Lou.
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