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32. >>> Group 2: Supernatural - 2011 award

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    Wow these awards are just awesome! congrats everyone.
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      Originally posted by little albatross View Post
      Also another piece that I placed that stood out to me and I wanted to mention was Sophie's LOST piece. It is so gorgeous and I love the colors. You're one of the artists I noticed a lot when I was voting
      Oh I hadn't seen that yesterday! Aww thank you so so much, you're so sweet. It means a lot, you have no idea


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        Ah, thank you Bre for my Regina award! And thank you to all who voted for my scary wallpaper! I'm proud that it god such high award, I do like it, even though it's so dark. Thank you again, guys!

        Btw, Sayjay's, Erin Nicole's and Lyn's awards are gorgeous too.

        And I'm very very pleased to see that the other winners are pretty much those who I voted for. Congrats to all, and shout out to Sayjay, Aureola, WiccaJaz, and Jenni Lou.
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