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    Sayjay that award is so gorgeous <3
    Congrats to all the winners. My tops were aureola, holypotatoes and jennilou.


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      Fabulous awards this round (not just this one of course, but I really like these ones.) and of course congrats to the winners. My top 3 were JJ, Wiccajazz and SayJay, so shout outs to you three.

      And I'm truly suprised to see that this entry by me got a runner up award. Thank you.


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        Destiny and Sayjay, your awards are so damn pretty. They're all so pretty, I don't even care about the wallpapers anymore! My tops were Destiny, Lyn, Aureola, Clement and J.j. Such stunning beauty! Congrats to the winners!


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          Congrats to all the winners and lovely award designs! Loving it all! Shout outs to my top picks: Aureola (much deserved!), JJ, Jenni Lou, Ehlwyen, and Destony!

          Originally posted by little albatross View Post

          Gotta love that Daenerys was such a popular subject for wallpapers and awards this year. I don't even watch this show yet, but what a great face. And it's nice to see the Winchesters in their namesake category haha