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06. >>> Group 2: Supernatural - Episodic

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  • 06. >>> Group 2: Supernatural - Episodic


    We are now heading into our SIXTH set of awards for the night, time has really flown by, I can't believe we are at this stage already!!

    Well, this category is for our beloved Supernatural/Fantasy series and wallpapers of various episodes of these. We've got pieces from old favourites like Supernatural and Lost, but also a bunch of series that are new to the AFAs including Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Haven and The Walking Dead! With so many great new fantasy series on the TV there's a lot of great material to art episodic walls, and it can really be seen in the range of amazing pieces nominated in this year's event!

    We have 19 nominees tonight and awards for places 1-5 and three runners up.... now go check 'em out!!


    AND THE WINNERS ARE............

    Best Supernatural/Fantasy Episodic Wallpaper

    1st Place

    Aureola - Fire and Ice with 284 points.
    This award was designed by Clement.

    2nd Place

    JJ - Beating Like a Hammer with 208 points.
    This award was designed by Tracy.

    3rd Place

    Jennilou - Everything Happens for a Reason with 200 points.
    This award was designed by Lyri.

    4th Place

    Ehlwyen - Lazarus Rising with 189 points.
    This award was designed by Destiny.

    5th Place

    Destiny - Down and Dark with 148 points.
    This award was designed by Bre.

    Runners Up

    Runner up awards by: Sayjay

    Nina - No Mercy with 113 points.

    Elle - Why'd You Do It? with 129 points.

    Clement - Wildfire with 102 points.


    NEXT STOP ON THIS AFA TOUR: 07. >>> Group 4: Drama/Comedy - 2011 !!
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    Art by Sayjay at Radiance

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    Another tough choice for me, this category! Such beautiful entries!! Congrats to all the winners!!
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      My top 2 were THE top two on this one! Destiny, Ehlwyen and Nina were also in my top 5 But such a tough choice!!!!!!
      Art by Sayjay at Radiance


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        Aureola was unquestionably my fave. And this was before I become so invested in Game of Thrones. It is just pleasing in every way. JJ and Clement were my other favorites. Some gorgeous award at work here too. Especially you, Destiny.
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          Congrats to all the winners! And beautiful awards as always


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            congratulations everyone
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              Ahh, fantasy just totally lends itself to the prettiest wallpapers! I wasn't even expecting second place, because I had such a hard time deciding between a bunch of amazing wallpapers that I kept switching the order. However, Aureola was a clear #1 for me, and I'm glad the general public agreed! S/O to Ehlwyen (my queen of making just so much of her internal storytelling come to life) and Jenni Lou who puts it all together masterfully and Elle, because THOSE COLORS! THAT LIGHTING!

              Gotta love that Daenerys was such a popular subject for wallpapers and awards this year. I don't even watch this show yet, but what a great face. And it's nice to see the Winchesters in their namesake category haha
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                Yay, my first award of the night!! And a gorgeous one for that matter, thanks Sayjay.
                Destiny's award is just as breathtaking!

                Congrats to Aureola, you were my number one as well, glad you got my award!!
                Jenni and Destiny completed my Top 3. Congrats to all the winners!


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                  Well-deserved first place, Aureola's my all time favourite.
                  Other pieces were stunning as well.
                  I can never do episodic wallpapers, guys you're so talented!


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                    FYI the AFA green room is now open for behind the scenes chatter as the event continues!!! go here!
                    Art by Sayjay at Radiance


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                      Congrats to the winners

                      This was a tough one for sure. My favorite in this category was by far Lyn's beautiful piece
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                        Yay! My first first and very unexpected place! Thank you guys, it means a lot! My top here were Ehlwyen, JJ and Clement!


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                          Congrats to all the winners!

                          Ehlwyen's amazingly artistic wallpaper was my favorite, I'm so glad it placed. And Aureola and Jenni Lou, you were in my top three as well! *dances*

                          Shout out to JJ, Nina and Sayjay!
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                            Congrats to everyone, but my fravs were Ehlwyen, Aureola, Holypotatoes and Destiny! STUNNING AND WONDERFUL WALLPAPERS.


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                              Wow! I just found this category! So elated to see I placed and so many shout outs in here! Dying of joy! And look! gorgeously heartbreaking Dany award! Thank you Destiny!

                              Congrats Jj and Aureola! You were my top two! The coloring and lighting you each had were so enrapturing! Jj i just loved all the elements about Red and her predicament that you worked in thre! Like with so much of your art, I am always disovering new stuff each time I look!

                              Shout outs to Britt for her raw emotion and Nina for her flawless design!

                              Lydia made the punch!