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25. >>> Group 8: Techniques - Text

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  • 25. >>> Group 8: Techniques - Text


    These are the awards for best use of TEXT

    Wow that took a long time to do!!! That's right, we are now onto our TWENTY FIFTH set of awards and these are all about text and how it has been used!

    Text can come down to a number of factors, the fonts used, textures used over the text, the wording, size and placement, opacity, then whether there are shadows, gradients, or filters on tha text. We can all play with the text for hours trying to decide how best to do it, and sometimes it just works out exactly how you wanted it to.

    For this category we had 36 nominees, and we've now got our top ten places below, together with five runners up and two honourable mentions... take a peek!!!


    AND THE WINNERS ARE............

    Best Use of Text

    1st Place

    Aureola - Cumberbatch with 215 points.
    This award was designed by Clement.

    2nd Place

    Zugma - Were You Worth It? with 210 points.
    This award was designed by Erin Nicole.

    3rd Place

    Sayjay - Right Way Up with 206 points.
    This award was designed by Bre.

    4th Place

    Ehlwyen - Dying to Know with 188 points.
    This award was designed by Sayjay.

    5th Place

    Erin Nicole - Springheel Jack with 173 points.
    This award was designed by WiccaJaz.

    6th Place

    Nina - Piglet with 160 points.
    This award was designed by Destiny.

    7th Place

    JJ - Such is Death with 153 points.
    This award was designed by Nina.

    8th Place

    Destiny - The Word with 149 points.
    This award was designed by Nina.

    9th Place

    Buffylover - Alive with 138 points.
    This award was designed by Sayjay.

    10th Place

    WiccaJaz - Lost with 123 points.
    This award was designed by JJ.

    Runners Up:

    Awards designed by: Sophie.

    Sunnywill - Epic with 109 points.

    Michelle - Not Something You Can Choose with 103 points.

    Jennilou - Sinful Pleasures with 100 points.

    Debbie - Sunday, Bloody Sunday with 90 points.

    Elle - Fire and Blood with 87 points.

    Honourable Mentions:

    Awards designed by: Sara.

    Sharonalee - Flying 81 points.

    Clement - She Wants Me with 78 points.


    NEXT STOP ON THIS AFA TOUR: 26. >>> Group 2: Supernatural - Character!!
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    Art by Sayjay at Radiance

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    Nina's award is genius. congrats everyone !!! Loving the unique awards
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      Just wanted to say that everyone here did an amazing job! Text is something I really struggle with (*cough* one font wonder ) So I am always amazed by your skills.
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        The awards in this category. So beautiful.... thank you Destiny for the fantastic award. And Piglet won something, I kind of love my Piglet but I didn't expect an award.

        I'm so jealous of everybody with a talent for typography, I'm glad Aureola won this category. The typography in all her work is to fall in love with. Other favorites were Buffylover, Zugma, Sayjay and Jenni Lou, all wizards with text.
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          omg, yes, the text awards are always some of my favorites because people come up with such great ideas for them. (Ninaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.) I legit love all of them and especially loved seeing surprise!Chuck show up in them too

          Congrats to all the winners! Lyn, Aureola and Nina were my faves
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            Stunning work, guys - the entries and the awards!!
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              Clement's award design. So neat. I am also digging Sophie's design.

              My shouts: Aureola, SayJay and Ehlwyen.
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                Thank you all so much And thanks to JJ for my beautiful award

                Congrats to all the other winners!!!


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                  So many gorgeous awards here!! Especially Sayjay's and Nina's!
                  Edit: Didn't even realised I won here , thanks Sara for the award, love it!!
                  Congrats to the winners, my top was Lyn, Firecracker, Destiny, Zugma and Brendan!
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                    No way, people. Seriously? Among Zugma's, sharonalee's, Erin's and Ehlwyen's masterpieces? Not talking about my all-time love Nina's Piglet, which was #1 for me. I love text, I like the text-making part of fanarting, so it is honor to me to get such a high place in one of the strongest and loved categories


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                      Congrats to all the winners! That categorie was hard cause I suck so bad at this and all your text were so beautiful <3 But special shout outs to wiccajaz, aureola and erin nicole.


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                        Nina's text award is so great! So in love with it! And Piglet is pure joy!

                        Yay! I am so happy to place! Plus Chuck award! Thanks SJ!

                        Shout outs to Zugma! This is one of my favorite pieces from you. I was so happy to see it in the text category! Buffylover! I love your handwritten text and howhangs out there in the clouds as if the moment will last forever.

                        Gorgeous job SJ and Aureola! Flawless text!

                        Lydia made the punch!


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                          Oh my goodness, the awards alone... Clement, Destiny, J.j., Nina, Sayjay, awesomness abound! Congratulations everyone! My tops were Lyn, SJ, Clement, Destiny and Buffylover!


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                            5th place in text!? Never thought the day would come where I would place so well in text. I'm always jealous of people like Bre and Jenni Lou who are always place their text so perfectly. I usually feel like I struggle with it unless I make it an intricate part of the piece as a whole like in the "Springheel Jack" piece. Thanks so much to all who voted and to WiccaJaz for the design! I seriously love every one of these award designs! Some of my favorite of the whole night!

                            Congrats to the other winners! Special shout outs to Clement, Aureola, and Jenni Lou who rounded off my top votes!

                            PS - Nina, your award design? Love it!


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                              Originally posted by Nina View Post
                              The awards in this category. So beautiful.... thank you Destiny for the fantastic award. And Piglet won something, I kind of love my Piglet but I didn't expect an award.
                              Aaaww honey I'm so glad you like it, it's funny because I kinda think it ended up going really nicely with your Piglet wallpaper Which btw was amazing And also thank YOU for mine, I love the idea behind it and when I saw who made it, I was like "Of course, who else would think of something that original "

                              My top picks for this one were Erin Nicole and her Springheel Jack - something about that wallpaper just speaks to me and I adore the smooth look of it, the colours, everything - so beautiful. Then Zugma (as always, stole my heart right away!), Sayjay, Aureola (who is the queen of text) and Clement

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