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    Congrats to the winners!
    My top-3 picks: Aureola, Zugma, Jennilou


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      Once again, amazing awards <3
      Congrats everybody and shout outs to aureola, sayjay and elle


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        How could I possibly get more points than Aureola with her The Woman piece and Sayjay with her WC one?! Guh, I don't even know what to say!

        Firecracker, Jenni Lou, Stacy, Wicca Jaz, your pieces were gorgeous too. And I also loved Dana's.

        Thank you and congratulations to all who won something!

        Oh, and I'll join the chorus of the people who are praising the awards: these are some of the very best on this year's ceremony I think!
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          WOW! What a category!! Congrats to the winners, well deserved!!!
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            Congratulations!!! Another category and technique that sometimes escapes me, these are always such an inspiration to look on and see what everyone else interprets. My tops were Zugma, SJ, Elle, holypotatoes and J.j.!


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              Wow! Thanks so much for the 10th place award. Another unexpected win for me. And an award design by Ehlwyen, no less! My AFAs are officially complete!

              Congrats to all the other winners and much deserved shout outs to Jenni Lou, HolyPotatoes, SayJay, Aureola, and Line!

              Originally posted by Leloo View Post

              Awww yay!! I can't believe I actually won something with my single wallpaper entry Thanks for my runner up award
              I still don't understand how this didn't place higher or in more categories. I adore it!