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33. >>> Group 7: Emotions - Drama

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  • 33. >>> Group 7: Emotions - Drama


    [cue music for some dramatic sounds]

    [jaws theme] - okay, not quite what I meant!

    We all love a bit of drama in our series, but sometimes it can be tough trying to relay that dramatic impact through our pieces, capturing the shock, the intensity, the rage, anger, or whatever the emotion; but, here we have a whole pile of nominees that have wowed us with their dramatic touch, and now... time for the winners!


    AND THE WINNERS ARE............

    Best Dramatic Wallpaper

    1st Place

    Sayjay - Bang, Bang with 236 points.
    This award was designed by Sunnywill.

    2nd Place

    Zugma - Can You Wipe Out That Much Red? with 199 points.
    This award was designed by Mara.

    3rd Place

    Aureola - Life/Hell with 177 points.
    This award was designed by Tracy.

    4th Place

    Elle - Honour with 164 points.
    This award was designed by Bre.

    5th Place

    Erin Nicole - Wrong with 141 points.
    This award was designed by Nina.

    6th Place

    Jennilou - No Place to Hide with 132 points.
    This award was designed by Sara.

    7th Place

    Bre - Why with 127 points.
    This award was designed by Erin Nicole.

    8th Place

    Destiny - Frenemies with 126 points.
    This award was designed by Sayjay.

    9th Place

    Leca - Blue Valentine with 121 points.
    This award was designed by Lyri.

    10th Place

    Nina - Boy Who Lived with 119 points.
    This award was designed by Destiny.

    Runners Up:

    Awards designed by: Clement

    Jo - I Scream Your Name with 94 points.

    JJ - Her Bravery is Mistaken with 92 points.

    Demetreas - Silent Hill with 87 points.

    Amber - I Trusted You with 80 points.

    Lyri - A Rush of Blood with 76 points.

    Honourable Mentions:

    Awards designed by: Sara

    WiccaJaz - What Am I? with 75 points.

    Buffylover - Hold On with 73 points.


    NEXT STOP ON THIS AFA TOUR: 34. >>> Group 8: Techniques - Stocks!!
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    Another batch of marvelous awards, all made for very deserving winners. Congratulations you all. Some of my favories were those made by Aureola, Wicca Jaz and Zugma.


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      Loving Destiny's award.

      Leca, Sophie and Michelle. You girls put out stunning pieces. My faves of the bunch! Thanks for my award, Sara!
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        Thank you, guys!! Congratulations to everyone!!
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          Thanks again for my Honourable Mention And congrats to all the well-deserved winners!!


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            I'm honored to share a placement with Jo, who had one of my favorite pieces :hearts: And Kiera's piece was also really intense. And congrats to sayjay who had my other fave piece, and i super love that Sydney Bristow award
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              Where are you Sunnywill? you were 2nd in my rank...Elle, Bre, Zugma, Lyn, that would make my Top 5. Congrats to all the winners!

              Love Destiny's and Erin's awards


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                Wow, my picks looked very different, lol! Mt number 1 was Elle! That image of the knife just got me every time I looked at it!!! Followed by Erin Nicole, Ben, Jennilou, Sharonalee and Ehlwyen!

                Thanks for my first place, another unexpected one, that was the most dramatic scene from WC imo! Also, loving the award, alias, eeep!

                Art by Sayjay at Radiance


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                  Originally posted by Jenni Lou View Post
                  Leca, Sophie and Michelle. You girls put out stunning pieces. My faves of the bunch!
                  Aww thank you

                  Those awards are stunning! I especially love Sayjay and Destiny's design
                  Congrats to everybody


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                    WOW - thank you!! And that award, Erin, thank you so much! I always love the emotion ones, especially these categories because a good wrenching of the heart is always in order. My tops were Mara, Buffylover, Ben, Sayjay, Destiny, Elle, Jo and Lyri!


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                      Thanks so much to everyone who voted and to Nina for that stunning design! 5th place? No joke, I'm a little shocked! That piece always gave me trouble and I was never quite sure of the coloring. It means a lot to see it so well recieved!

                      Congrats to the rest of the winners, especially Elle (loved this piece! ), and Bre who were among my top 3! Also to Ben who didn't receive an award but was up there at the top of my list as well!


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                        Holy crap these are some beautiful awards! Thank you guys so much for my place, Sayjay I'm loving your awards so much (this one especially, because I get to keep this one )! Some of my favourite picks were Zugma (you do Loki angst like no one else, it sings to my heart ), Nina, Sayjay, Aureola and Elle

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                          Yay I got one xD the awards are soo cool!

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                            Second place! *_* Thank you everyone!

                            And congrats to the winners, especially Sayjay whose brilliant piece was my #2 I'm a little sad Bre's piece didn't get a higher place (as it was my favorite). But still, good to see it got an award! Shouting out: Erin, Sara, Sharonalee, Destiny and Dee!
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