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    Again, these awards are just so amazing every year. I love them all, especially Clement's lego design. Haha! Its perfect!

    As always, thank you to all who voted. Again, I'm so pleased that you like my 'Brand New Day' piece. I was recently asked by someone if they can use it as a print for a tshirt that would like to wear to a fan convention. To say the least, I was very flattered. Tracy, thank you very much for featuring such lovely ladies on my 6th place award!

    Big shout out to my top 5: Clement, SayJay, Destiny, Zugma, and Bre!!! And thanks for the laughs!


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      I knew I missed one!! Too busy watching those bloopers, lol.

      Congrats to everyone who took home something shiny!!
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        Yes! Best category! And thank you to Destiny for the gorgeous award and THANK YOU for seventh!!! My tops in this were Jo, Zugma, Clement, Jenni Lou and Sayjay! Thank you for making me giggles a lots.


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          Originally posted by Jenni Lou View Post
          oh my god, Stacy. I ended up with the perfect for my entry! How perfect!
          I know! I literally just burst out laughing when I opened that spoiler tag and saw who got the award. It was like we were on the same wavelength... or SJ was just like "hey these are a perfect match let's put them together." Either way, it's pretty funny. BTW Jenni, I flipping loved your wall. :yes: You can never go wrong with a little P&R love.
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