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The AFAs Need You!! (Please?)

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  • The AFAs Need You!! (Please?)

    Volunteering with the AFAs 2011/2012!!

    So it's come to my attention... SEVERAL times in the past that this is a big event and needs a LOT of help. However, until now I've never really put a 'help me out' plan into action. Of course, with the event not happening this year it's more obvious than ever that one person can't do this! So... this is my plan, and if you would like to be a part of my plan and claim one of the roles below then please, PLEASE get in touch with me and let me know. Once a position is claimed I will add your name to the list below.

    Mailing List

    This is quite possibly the easiest, and yet most boring thing I need help with. I need someone to keep the list of email addresses up to date, find new email addresses for artists who have changed them, and add emails in for artists who sign up from now on. The list of emails will be a word document stored online that everyone has access to so you would just update it as and when you need to and everyone else can just check it for if they need to send emails to anyone.

    I also need someone to send out updates and reminders. This should really be something like "two weeks until nominating closes, one week until..., 5 days until..., 2 days until..., nominations close tomorrow, you have 12 hours left" this sort of thing. However, it could also be things like "a poll has gone online to decide what date the event will be, have your say!" or something.

    This is something that I CAN do myself, but I would absolutely HATE to get wind up busy and for simple things like reminders to go without being sent. I want to ensure this year is as organised as possible!

    If this sounds like something you'd like to help with give me a shout!

    Categories Organisers

    I am going to try having one person organising each category. I propose for the person to:
    • organise the awards needed for the category & ensure they are all in on time*
    • get the nominations for the category and upload them to the server (renaming files to artist-title.jpg)**
    • checking pieces fit within a category, i.e. character or episodic
    • writing intros for the posts for the ceremony

    * Note: you can still volunteer to design awards for other categories, you would just be organising the awards for this category.
    ** Note: I will have a spreadsheet saved online of all the members and will update it when people submit nominations to me, so you can check this to see who has submitted their nominations. Once you have downloaded them from the email and uploaded them let me know and I'll tick off your category on the spreadsheet. If there are any changes to the nominations I will let you know via email.

    If you wish to a claim a category do so here:
    • Sci Fi Series -
    • Supernatural/Fantasy Series -
    • Comedy/Drama Series -

    • Vampire Series - Destiny
    • Other Mediums - Line
    • Celebs - JJ
    • Emotions - Erin Nicole
    • Techniques - Sayjay

    Note: try to think about how much time you have to offer. If you don't want a big category try Celebs or other Mediums, which tend to get fewer nominations so there will be less awards needed and less chasing up for you. If you are really up for helping and know you'll have the time to chase folk up then try doing one of the busier categories like Emotions or Supernatural Series.

    Also, don't be worried about being overwhelmed, I don't want anyone to feel like they are drowning in work! If you need help just give me a shout and I'll help out too. I am still here to help with ALL of the categories, so if a bunch of nominations come in late and you're busy I can still take some of the load off to do these.

    Award Designers

    As always we need a LOT of awards designers. If you wish to volunteer PM the category organiser (once we have them!) to claim a category, or email in to the afa mailing address and let us know you want something there.

    SJ's Role

    So since I've listed a bunch of things above you're probably wondering what I'll be doing? At the start of the event, I'll be checking the number of nominations we have and judging whether to have top 10, 12 or 15 for voting, estimating number of awards needed for each category, preparing the voting forms, finding new artists to join in, helping people with their nominations (some of you may have had me emailing in the past going 'you have these pieces that fit this category, but you don't have anything nominated here yet, soooo pick one', you'd be surprised how long it takes to check through people's past posts and sites!), I'll also be checking in with everyone else to ensure things are going smoothly, plus helping where I can. If people are running late for nominations or votes it will also be me that makes the call when to say 'that's it, we're done, we can't wait any longer'.

    What About Votes?

    When it comes to the voting, I'm not shifting this onto anyone else at the moment. It is a big task, but if I have 7 different people organising categories that will be 7 people who know ALL the results in advance, and aside from me taking in all the forms and copying/pasting all the relevant votes to people I can't see a way to avoid that. And to be honest doing that for every category is probably just as time consuming as doing the votes myself. Sooo... for this reason I will probably keep doing the votes (for now). However, when it comes to the voting season I may ask for someone else to take over my category in terms of chasing up any last minute awards that are still outstanding for it.

    How Does That Sound?

    I am very conscious that I am asking for quite a lot here! So I am just wondering how this sounds to everyone... this is always about the community and I want to do what is best for everyone, so drop your opinions here, I'm always open to feedback!!!
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    PS. I have an ftp account set up so that anyone wishing to help will get a username and password and can access anything they need to,
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      I can do the Mailing List and take lead in one of the categories. It doesn't really matter to me which one, so you can either pick one for me or give me whichever one doesn't get chosen.
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        I'm glad that the responsibility will be a split a bit here. I feel like it's sooooo much work. I don't know how you do it, SJ!!

        Gotta be honest here. I would love to be one of the leaders but I just don't know if I will have the time. Maintaining my website takes more time then perhaps some may realize and a lot of my computer time is devoted to that. I don't even play as much in Photoshop as I used to. But let's see how things go. I'm willing to do some extra things if it's needed but would like see if there are other folks out there that would like to take point first. It sounds sort of selfish, I guess. But I tell you, if I don't update frequently enough, I hear it from the visitors! They can't say thank you but they sure can tell when you aren't doing enough. But it's really more for me. If I don't keep up on my picture hunting duties, I get severely inundated later. So I try to avoid falling behind.
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          Originally posted by Jenni Lou View Post
          But I tell you, if I don't update frequently enough, I hear it from the visitors! They can't say thank you but they sure can tell when you aren't doing enough.
          Tell them to bite it. LOL

          I can help with awards if I'm needed! Just give me a category and I can jump on those.