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  • Information for the 11/12 Event!

    The AFAs 2011/2012!!

    First of all let me apologise again for the disruption to the regular event process. I am back now and ready to roll with the 11/12 AFA madness! I had asked in the other thread how people would like to move forward and it seemed to be the opinion that doing a joint 11/12 ceremony would be best, so I have changed (slightly) the format of the categories to allow for a mini-2011 ceremony in amongst a larger 2012 ceremony. You'll understand what I mean when you see the categories!


    Nominations Begin: Friday 16th November 2012
    Nominations Close: Sunday 20th January 2013 at midnight GMT (i.e. London, UK) (this leaves over 8 weeks to nominate!)
    Nominations Announced: Sunday 27th January 2013

    Voting Forms Mailed: 27th January 2013
    Voting Period: Monday 28th January - Monday 11th March (6 weeks)

    Award Designs Deadline: February 17th 2013 (subject to change)

    Awards Ceremony: March 2013, date TBA (will do a poll nearer the time)

    Change of Nominations Timings:
    You've probably noticed that nominations will be closing soon after the new year. This is because I want to encourage people to get their nominations in before the end of the year. I am hoping that people will send nominations in before the end of December, and then use the time in January to merely change some nominations rather than submit them all. (I say hoping but this probably won't happen!) I also gave a one week gap between nominations closing and sending the voting forms, purely to ensure that there is that gap to allow for any issues that may come up.

    The Categories

    For a full breakdown of the categories, please CLICK HERE.

    Group 1: Sci-fi - Episodic
    Group 1: Sci-fi - Character
    Group 1: Sci-fi - Group
    Group 1: Sci-fi - 2011 award

    Group 2: Supernatural - Episodic
    Group 2: Supernatural - Character
    Group 2: Supernatural - Group
    Group 2: Supernatural - 2011 award

    Group 3: Vampire - Episodic
    Group 3: Vampire - Character
    Group 3: Vampire - Group
    Group 3: Vampire - 2011 award

    Group 4: Drama/Comedy - Episodic
    Group 4: Drama/Comedy - Character
    Group 4: Drama/Comedy - Group
    Group 4: Drama/Comedy - 2011 award

    Group 5: Other Medium - Scene
    Group 5: Other Medium - Character
    Group 5: Other Medium - Group
    Group 5: Other Medium - 2011 award

    Group 6: Celebrity - Female
    Group 6: Celebrity - Male
    Group 6: Celebrity - 2011 award

    Group 7: Emotions - Comedy
    Group 7: Emotions - Drama
    Group 7: Emotions - Love
    Group 7: Emotions - Tears

    Group 8: Techniques - Stocks
    Group 8: Techniques - Colour
    Group 8: Techniques - Lighting
    Group 8: Techniques - Textures/Brushes
    Group 8: Techniques - Composition
    Group 8: Techniques - Text
    Group 8: Techniques - Manip

    How the Categories Work

    As you will see each of the first six categories have a 2011 option, this is so that we have a mini 2011 ceremony for all of the wonderful art created that year. It won't be a full event, but it will mean that there will be 6 awards for 2011 art, and we will also be voting for a best wallpaper of 2011 from these six categories so we have that too. I am not sure whether to have the mini 2011 event on a separate evening from the main event, or whether to do it first as a run-up to the main event. I will take a poll on this later.

    I am going to allow either 2011 or 2012 art in the final two categories to allow people more choice in what they wish to nominate for these categories. When you see the nominations they will be artist-walltitle-2011 or artist-walltitle-2012, so you will know whether it is a 2011 or 2012 piece for when it comes to voting for best wallpaper of the year.

    The Nominees

    We have ?? different artists nominated this year! The nominees can be found on this page: link will be added January 21st

    Voting Period Information

    Voting Forms: link to be added January 21st

    The voting form is in the format of a Word Document File for you to fill in at your leisure, just send this file back to me when it has been completed. Remember that you vote for pieces listing your favourite first (in place 1) and so on. If you are unable to open the word document file, a copy can be seen here online - just email the necessary information over in an email, or attach a .txt file or other suitable format.

    You are required to list your favourite pieces in each category, in order, with 1 being your favourite and 10 your 10th favourite. (The voting form lists how many you need to vote for in each category but be aware some will be different!)

    1st place votes will receive 10 points**, 2nd receive 9** all the way down to 10th receiving 1 point**. These will all be calculated – and the pieces with the most points will decide our winners for each category.

    **(The points will be adjusted according to number of votes required.)
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