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    Oh my, I love your award JJ!! Just awesome!! The others look awesome as well!
    Congrats to all the winners, my fav were JJ, Firecracker and Aureola!!


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      thankyou so much for 8th place everyone
      (my bf is staring at me like I'm a crazy person as I jump around in my seat.)

      Congratulations to all the winners, and thankyou once again Sayjay for my pretty award.
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        Originally posted by little albatross View Post
        GURL, I swear you are like my photoshop soulmate or something in a non-creepy way. You're consistently a favorite of mine, even outside these awards
        *died* and then *died again*
        no jokes, it's words to die for if you're the fanartist, cause what you do always been something like "attain to the level of the best".


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          OMG 10th place!? Seriously? aww thank you so much seriously you guys made my week ^^ Oh and I love my award, it's gorgeous

          Again all the awards are beautiful, damn you guys are so talented Congrats to all the winners! My top 5 were Elle, Jennilou, Aureola, JJ and Sting


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            JJ, your award. Flawless. And Debbie too. The tones. Gah.

            And so surprised right now! I never thought that would place so high. Thank you all!

            Bre, Sophie, Sunnywill, xinyi and JJ are my tops. Crazy how so many of the categories don't match up at all with my choices!

            And I will ALWAYS ALWAYS take credit for JJ's pretty work. Seriously. Who wouldn't? That talented bitch.
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              Congrats to all of the winners!!! And again, the awards are so amazing!!!

              I voted for Bre, Firecracker, Signe, Wendy & Lady Manson !


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                congrats to all the winners. omg, these awards are amazing!!! esp that first place award by JJ is <3 big congrats to Wendy for first (Brothers piece was awesome) and well deserving of that awesome award.
                thanks for 7th, and yay, i got another awesome award made by Sayjay (love the colouring on my award too).

                my favs were: Wendy, JJ, Line, Jenni Lou and Bre.
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                  Congratulations to all who won! So many awesome pieces in this category. I especially adored Jenni Lou's, Bre's and Tam's

                  JJ, that award is gorgeous!
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                    Bwhahahahaha! Ok, guys. Seriously! 5th place for my Goonies entry! You guys are amazing. True story. *nods* Big thanks to all who voted. You wouldn't believe the smile I have right now. And thanks to Debbie for creating my fab award. It's beautiful.

                    Originally posted by BlasterBoy View Post
                    And fantastic awards, everyone, ESPECIALLY to JJ! Because holy crap the award you made for Wendy is jaw-on-the-floor good, I've been staring at it and it's the definition of perfection, probably my favorite so far for the entire ceremony!
                    Seriously, gonna have to second this! Stunning award design JJ. Def a favorite of the night.

                    And last, but certainly not least! Top 5 shout outs: Jenni Lou, Bre, Wendy, Kiera, and Joe. No awards for the last two, but well deserved in my book. You guys rock!


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                      Just got to look at the awards tonight due to RL stuff. Got my first award - awesome!!!! And it has Scooby on it, even better!!!

                      ::Shadow of Reflection::
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