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    omg, i am mesmerized by the beautifulness that is Zugma's awards. congrats to Zugma for first place as well, that Spike piece was incredible and one of my favs of the whole event. congrats to all the other winners.
    my favs were: Zugma, Jenni Lou, Aureola, Elle and Clement.
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      Seriously!!!! OLGA!!!! Those awards!!! I almost don't even care where I placed in this category, cause I'm too overly excited that I got one of your designs!!!! Top notch, my love! And thank you to everyone that voted!

      Super hard category to vote. Shout outs to my Top 5: Zugma (Of course, very deserving!), Wendy, Alexandra, Bre, (how did the two of you not place?!) and SayJay.


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        My fav is "nighthunter" by Sting - amazing art.

        Congratulates to the winners!!!


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          THANK YOU for the first place and the gorgeous award! And aww, you guys made me blush with all your compliments I'm so pleased you liked my awards, you've no idea! *is sitting with the most stupid grin plastered on the face*

          Congrats to all the winners, especially to Erin Nicole, Sayjay and Wendy who were my favorites in this category. Your entries were amazing!
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