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Update & Poll for Ceremony Dates!!!

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  • Update & Poll for Ceremony Dates!!!

    A massive thank you to all of those who volunteered in the past 24 hours to take on some awards, I was really excited to see so many people volunteer in such a short space of time and it warms me to think we have such an amazing fanart community out there willing to jump in at the last minute! I just wanted to let everyone know that all of the awards have now been re-allocated and I will have all of the awards finalised for the event soon.

    In order to give these artists some time to finish this latest batch of awards off and send them into me (at which point I will have to add the winners on), I think that we should look at having the ceremony in around two weeks time.

    I therefore propose the following dates...
    Friday 10th or Saturday 11th of May, with the following weekend Friday 17th or Saturday 18th as back up.

    I realise that this doesn't leave much time for people to plan ahead and arrange to have the time to 'attend' the ceremony, so if you want to go for a later date so that you can do this I would have to suggest the first weekend in June as I am away toward the end of May.

    Please select from the options above what dates you will be able to make and post your comments here so that I can check in and see what is going on!

    *love and hugs to all*

    PS. the proposed timings for the ceremony are as follows:

    Red Carpet:
    19.00 UK / 20.00 EU / 21.00 Romania / 06.00 Oz / 14.00 US EST / 13.00 US CST / 11.00 US PST

    Event Begins:
    20.00 UK / 21.00 EU / 22.00 Romania / 07.00 Oz / 15.00 US EST / 14.00 US CST / 12.00 US PST
    Friday 10th May
    Saturday 11th May
    Friday 17th May
    Saturday 18th May
    Friday 31st May
    Saturday 1st June
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    I should also note that there is the option to do the ceremony split over two nights, do a mini '2011 ceremony' on the Friday with the other categories on the Saturday, but I am kind of partial to having one big event, lots of awards and lots of drinking to go along with it all!!!! :P

    Let me know what you guys think though,
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      I voted for Saturday the 18th.
      I picked the second week-end cause I guess it gives more time to people in need to adjust their schedules.
      I picked Saturday over Friday cause everything is more fun and crazy on Saturdays

      Also, I agree with Sayjay, I'd rather have one big fat fabulous event than two little ones.


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        I voted for Saturday - any Saturday, really, lol, mostly because I have physical therapy every Friday and I am just in NO mood for pretty much anything after that, lol!!

        I kind of agree that the second weekend, because not only would it give us time to get our awards finished, but also give you, Say-Jay, more time to edit them.

        And yes, one big event, lol.

        WooHoo! This is actually the first time I'll be AT the ceremony. I was nominated last year, but I didn't take part in the ceremony. I'm excited! What am I going to wear?!
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          Saturdays are preferable. I voted for the 11th but that's really only if everyone cooperates with their award making.
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            I went for the second weekend (17th/18th of may) because that's the one I prefer most but I think I can attend all dates. Although the last weekend is a weekend before my finals so that's certainly my least favorite option.
            Not sure if I can be there at 20.00 because of normal saturday/friday evening stuff, but I'll certainly join in later. It's also going to be my first ceremony so I don't want to miss a lot of it.


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              I voted for a couple dates but the 11th is really the one that would be ideal for me
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                I voted first of June because sadly it is the only real option for me before that I am going to be crazy busy with exams the 18th would work as well technically it's my birthday but I would rather spend it behind the computer anyway *has no life*
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                  I am cool with either the weekend of May 10th-11th or May 31st-1st.

                  I absolutely cannot appear at all if the AFA's are held on May 17 or 18th.

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                    I voted for the Saturday 11th, even though I'm pretty sure I would be able to adjust my schedule if the ceremony was to be held on any other date The only date that would be a problem for me is the 31st-1st, seeing as my finals start the first week of june and I will probably be crazy and too high on caffeine by then
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                      I voted for any day except for Sat, May 11th as a client already booked me that night so I will be working and wouldn't know how much of the actual ceremony I would be able to make. Saturdays are preferable as I am usually don't work weekends, especially if I have it blocked off.

                      I'm also kinda leaning towards some of the later dates to ensure those that can come will be able to, and that everyone has time to finish their ceremony preparations. Whatever the decision I know its going to be a fantastic night!


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                        I can do any Saturday, Fridays unfortunately are a no go for me because of work. May 11th would work best for me


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                          For any of you just lurking around please vote in the poll as it will help me to decide what date to go for!!!

                          As an FYI awards are coming along nicely, I've got groups 1-4 all finished up and saved (barring the one or two here and there I'm waiting to come in), all of the best artist, best 2011 walls and most of the best 2012 awards are done too We're getting just that little bit closer to awards time now, oooooo it's getting exciting!!!

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                            Wow I haven't been on here in forever...shame on me!

                            I unfortunately need to give my Supervisor 3 weeks notice before I can book a day off so I went for the end of May/beginning of June. I already have a schedule up to the 18th so even that is pushing it though, Im working in the morning on the 18th so I can still make it then as well

                            So Excited for another year! I need to pick out my outfit...

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