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    I think it has always existed on donations. Just like Wikipedia or AO3 do. Since they don't sell ads they must get money their somehow, somewhere. I know that Wikipedia does donation campaigns only once a year. Maybe it's the same for Wayback machine and that's why they have recently asked for donations. I am pretty sure there would be rumors on the internet if they would really go through a crisis or be at risk of closing down.

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      I'm a largely absentee user, I feel like I keep a tab open just out of fondness. But I have always put out when the hat has gone around and will again. I would hate for this place to ever fold.
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        Originally posted by GoSpuffy View Post
        I clicked on the donation button and got a message that the server can't accept donations because it is not linked to a PayPal account.
        I tried to donate too and that’s the message I got. I thought it was just because I might be doing something wrong techno-wise. I’d really like to contribute as I’m so often here.
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