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Sylvester Stallone's first ever film appearances...

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  • Sylvester Stallone's first ever film appearances...

    I've found Stallone in a lot of films over the years, through personal research, that nobody knew he was in. Well, maybe someone out there did, but none of these films are even on his IMDb page or his official website, and IMDb refuse to add them, claiming my info is not "verifiable" and sundry. So I just gave up, because it was a real pain trying to convince them that a page from a book can be classed as evidence.

    Here are a few of his very first film "roles" in what today, you would likely call a cameo appearance. But back then, he was just a nobody.

    In Downhill Racer, he was a customer in a restaurant...

    It's hard to see him in this next film, but he was one of the wedding guests in Lovers and Other Strangers. There's a song that plays during the scene called "For All We Know" that was a big hit for the Carpenters. Well, I tried not to blink, because his time on the screen was so brief.

    I am also sure I found him in M*A*S*H, as an extra as well. I read somewhere that he said he was in that. If this is him, his showing up lasts a mere one second. It's the scene near the start where Donald Sutherland is asked about a missing jeep, and he says, "No, it's right over there".

    There's also a comedy film called What's Up, Doc? with Barbra Streisand. I'm not totally certain that this is him, but there is a scene about 15 minutes into the film, where she's on a phone in a hotel and you can glimpse a guy that looks like him on the right side for a few seconds. You can see the same guy again a while later, but he's far away from the camera and too blurry to identify. But he had the same dark hair as Stallone.

    He was virtually unrecognizable in Klute and Mandingo, but you can see him in a club scene dancing for a few seconds and in the other film, he apparently was in a crowd scene wearing a red hat. But all the sources about him claim his scenes were deleted from the final cut. They were actually referring to a different crowd scene.

    But IMDb will never add these movies to his page again, which is sad.

    P.S. I know a guy, "Tony Montalbano". He has been an extra in his movies, and he stole a rare clip from an old YouTube account of mine. It's from some dumb movie called Pigeons aka The Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker, where Sly was dancing in a party scene.

    His first starring role, however, was in some lame thriller from around 1972 called No Place to Hide, that went nowhere. It later got a small 'devoted' following on home video, under the name of Rebel. He was this hippie like guy in New York City, who is part of a gang of bombers, and he meets a girl that sells jewels or something, and she isn't aware of his double life. It's not as good as it sounds. In fact, it was once on a cassette tape with Death Race 2000, as I saw it years ago in a HMV store.

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    Wasn't he also in some softcore porn?