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Harry Potter The Sorting Hat Quiz!

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  • My result is as it usually is: Hufflepuff

    Hufflepuff - 13
    Gryffindor - 11
    Ravenclaw - 11
    Slytherin - 6

    I've always favored Hufflepuff because they possess what I see to be the strongest trait of all the houses; they have no prejudices. There is way too much close mindedness in the world and judgement based on petty things such as religion, race and politics. Helga Hufflepuff stood for those students who simply wanted to learn, she embraced the leftovers that didn't fit the other founders' criteria.

    Unfortunately such a level of kindness and acceptance never fails to be under appreciated for the most part and the Hufflepuff house suffers from a tragic amount of this, seen as weak when in fact proof of the opposite stares everyone in the face. The badger which stands proudly on their crest against the yellow and black is a creature that can be a pretty nasty piece of work. They are able to fend off animals larger than themselves such as wolves and bears and while they may at times cooperate with other species with one wrong move they'll drive them away and possibly even slaughter their young.

    Like the American badger Hufflepuffs have been shown to be strong willed and determined fighters like Cedric Diggory for example.

    It's important however to be aware that sorting does NOT determine who you are; we have characters in the series who grew up to defy their. Severus Snape was a Slytherin who always had the open mindedness of a Hufflepuff and became brave and fiercely just like a Gryffindor while Peter Pettigrew was a Gryffindor who had always shown signs of being a follower aimed to impress became a selfish, spineless coward who merely supported whatever kept him alive. In a way that is the power hunger of a Slytherin.

    Slytherin house alone is questionable. If you pay careful attention Slytherin house has never followed it's own rules, Salazar Slytherin may have favored pure bloods but I can name at least two half bloods who were sorted into Slytherin house; Snape and Slytherin's own pure blood favoring decedent, Tom Riddle aka Voldemort. Slytherin may have been a dark man but the house originally stood for ambition and drive which are very good qualities necessary to get us anywhere in life but was corrupted, again by his own blood, Riddle/Voldemort to become power hungry and Nazi. In a way you could say it became the other side of the coin. The ambition was still there but in a dark, close minded way.

    There are two sides to each coin and in each house we see this. Ravenclaws are intelligent and insightful but a lot of them are also a**h***s, just look at how they treated Luna! Intelligence can often come with arrogance. Even Hufflepuff is not immune, loyalty can be judgmental in other ways besides those are petty. Recall in Goblet of Fire among the entire student body assuming Harry had cheated his way in to the tournament it was Cedric Diggory's, the real Hogwart's champion's housemates of Hufflepuff who sneered at him most. Cedric himself was the purest of the Hufflepuffs, he never judged Harry and even tried to ask his friends to back off. In fact in Prisoner Of Azkaban before he was a significant character he displayed a quality of a Gryffindor, justness. When Harry lost the Quidditch mach to Hufflepuff due to dementor interference Cedric as both Hufflepuff's seeker and captain had tried to request a rematch due to unfair circumstances on Harry's part but was denied.
    Harry himself was a Gryffindor who actually displayed a lot of qualities of Hufflepuff, he had no prejudices and was kind to all who deserved it AND he had Slytherin qualities that the piece of Voldemort's soul in him didn't necessary cause such as a disregard for school rules. That's something he inherited from his father who was also a Gryffindor.

    Wow I've gone on way too long here and it's time to go grocery shopping now so time to wrap this up. These are just points I've picked up on that should not be overlooked.
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    • My result is Hufflepuff.

      Hufflepuff - 15
      Ravenclaw - 14
      Gryffindor - 11
      Slytherin - 7

      Pretty close draw there with Ravenclaw, which fits, because I consider myself Ravenpuff. The traits that I feel that most fit me and which I see as the best Huffie qualities are: dedication, hard work, fair play, kindness and tolerance. As for Ravenclaw: intelligence, wit, acceptance, originality and creativity. I think tolerance and acceptance are the most important here. I know everyone is prejudiced - let's not deny that - but I think we should keep our minds open and let ourselves be surprised, because not everything is as it seems at first.
      So when do we destroy the world, already?


      • All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

        Your in-depth results are:

        Gryffindor - 12
        Ravenclaw - 11
        Slytherin - 10
        Hufflepuff - 9
        I don't know much about the actual houses, as I've never read the Harry Potter books. From the movies, it seems Slytherin is largely Gryffindor but with wealth, power, and ambition. Harry himself was placed in Slytherin and he simply essentially refused.

        Regarding the 'Whom should Hermione Granger with with?', it's always been interesting to me that people support royal, noble, etc. parings in books, TV, and movies and support 'He's better looking.', yet in real life often have problems with such things as models and actresses being slender.

        Attractions is attraction. Both Catherine the Great and Queen Victoria loved and married men far 'beneath' them.

        Yet with such things as the TV Vampire Diaries , the support for Elena/Damon seems almost entirely based off some of the audience simply finding Ian Somerhalder better looking than Paul Wesley. And Paul Wesley is a great looking guy.

        With the Buffyverse, there are "Sarah Michelle Gellar is too thin." And "She's looks healthy now." There were "Amy Acker is too thin." comments in one thread.

        Anyway, in real life and in forums, I've notably never heard any "Emma Watson is too thin."


        My results are rather even between the various houses. It's interesting that the questions include things like "Your friend" needs or does __________ and a child does __________. Is an adult really going to strike a child for essentially being very annoying but not dangerous? And you help and protect your friends more than you would a random somebody.

        The wallet question was interesting because it requires some thinking. A wallet with some money but no identification is either a child's wallet or a very poor person's wallet.